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The Portfolio Experience


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English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the last post I started to tell you how I created a portfolio in WordPress and came to the conclusion that I write too much. Obviously, I’m a writer, that’s what I do, but when creating this portfolio I realize just how much I had written and for how many people.

The Writer’s Dilemma

So I made little thumbnails for the articles I wanted to showcase and decided that because most of them are in article format anyway, I’d make it easier and go by topic, like technology or video games. You guys, one never knows how much stuff they have done until they look back upon it. That actually sounds profound, doesn’t it? Read the rest of this entry


Should I Get a Portfolio? SUMMER EDITION

In my last post, I asked the question that I’m sure many writers ask themselves – should I get a portfolio? Portfolios are


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a great visual way to show potential clients what you’ve done in your particular line of work; and with that said, most portfolio designs are geared towards that of the photographer or the designer, usually not the writer. Read the rest of this entry

Finally! Summer Has Returned to Denver!

Hello, hello readers!Awesome


I know, I know – I left you in the lurch again, but this time I swear I have the perfect excuse. As you may have heard, I lost my job, but then I got another one! But then that one ended, so I got another, and…well, you can see how this goes. Such as the life of a freelancer!

But the good news is thus – I’m back AND I’ve made some updates!

Read the rest of this entry

Smorgsborg about…um…something

Kind of a late start today, but this post has got everything. Action, adventure, mystery, murder, death, lots and lots of death.

Okay, I’m kidding. It’s just a regular post, BUT I do have a copy of articles you should read, cause they are awesome and well, I like them. So, let’s get started with the week that was.

The Week That Was

As unproductive as the week before. Well, sort of. I managed to muster the fact that rent was coming to finally say, “perhaps I should make some money to pay for that” Once again, this week, CW didn’t take no for an answer and was insistent that I work on things that had nothing to do with making money. This, of course, would have been great, if – you know – I didn’t need to be making money.

But luckily for me, somewhat, the urge for money did start reviving up Thursday and I have to say that I have managed to get CW and Pro Writer to get together and get something done.

Something of Importance

So as this is a blog that is supposed to be about freelancing and writing in general, I of course have to pimp out some stuff of importance. Today, the importance is an awesome blog by my Twitter buddy, Becki Sams. I finally got around to reading the tons of RSS feeds I have coming in and found three awesome posts from Becki, but you should just check out the entire blog she has cause it’s all awesome.

Here it is – The Writer’s Blog

Becki’s a student by day and a writer/blogger by night, so she’s got some insights on trying to juggle the life. Check out the blog! Do it!

And speaking of Twitter, this week was ultra awesome. If you’re a blogger or thinking of being a blogger or you like reading blogs, then you should know that ProBlogger is one of those big name blog sites for the blogging pro. And…Darren Rowse is following me.  That’s right – with no intervention from me, I’ve got someone important following me.

*fan girl scream*

That must mean you guys like me, you really like me!

Oh, and guess that means this blog’s gotta be about stuff now. Alright, fine. But this is a big deal. I mean, I have important folks in Denver and Colorado that are following and I even got a small following in the UK, but ProBlogger is like the world.

Now if only I could get LeVar Burton to follow me or Maroon 5, but hey, I’m happy with this. Serious.

And in Other News

I have remembered why I hate living in multiplex apartments. Apparently, there is an elephant/rhino/hippo hybrid that lives above me. I have no idea what it is that he or she is doing up there, but all I hear are thumps, bumps, and stomps. And usually at the worst times, such as when I decide that 9pm is a perfectly good time to go to bed or even if my alarm goes off at 4:30, 5am, maybe I just want to snuggle in bed for another hour or two.

My one bedroom in Tucson was one story, so I only had to worry about the person next door and the person behind me. It took like a month or two, but we finally got that area rocking in quiet. So quiet that I didn’t even know I had a neighbor behind me for three months. Yeah. I loved that. But…sacrifices were made to move to Denver and…while there are many a time that my mind screams, “OMFG, what have I’ve done!? I should have never moved!!” some semblance of…something tells me to calm the f*** down and life thus goes on.

Tomorrow’s post will be about…you know what, I dunno. Taxes maybe? Actually, know what, I should talk about my website. I mean, as long as you all are coming here and this is a blog about writing, I should be pointing you to my website, which showcases my writing. I think there’s a theme here.

Probably about my website.