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The Ups and Downs of Windows 10

As of yesterday, it has been one month since Windows 10 became the official new release of the Windows operating systems and I have now spent that month having it on both my laptop and my desktop. You’ll remember the previous entries detailed the good and bad of trying to actually install Windows 10 and now that I have, what exactly do I think? Well, I’ll tell you, but first a disclaimer –

As you are a freelancing crowd, I’m sure you’ve already done your homework about Windows 10. This is totally not a review of Windows 10, but a little opinion piece that can hopefully add to the reviews you’ve been reading. With that said, I will say that I’ll be saying things in contradictory form against some of these reviews, so you know – research before you decide to make the plunge!

Let’s make our favorite Stewie Sandwich on this, shall we?

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Best Gifts – Sideline

WindowsSo after my recent pc issues, I thought I’d give this little side about PCs when it comes to getting something for your freelancer. For some of you, getting the standard retail PC may work perfectly well for your freelancer, but for some, you may find that building a PC is a better alternative because you can put whatever you want in your system.

Recently, I got an upgrade on my monitor thanks to my roommate’s mom’s monitor going out. Through awesomeness and a mistake purchase, I ended up getting the near exact 24 inch monitor I’d been looking at for months. While awesome, this did in turn cause some issues with my system, despite my rebuilding of it only a little over a year ago – the problem? Well, long story short, Windows 32 bit apparently does not see memory above 4GB. So basically, the 8GB of RAM I originally built this with wasn’t being used, which caused me to think that my RAM had gone bad.

Again, luckily I was able to get a refund on one of additional sticks I bought and with store credit, got another speaker set.

Word to those of you that are thinking about building your freelancer a PC – make sure that your OS is going to work with your system. Without realizing it and just doing what I would normally do, I had reformatted Optimus Prime here with the 32 bit edition instead of the 64 bit; the good news is that the product key works with both editions so if you’re lucky like me to have both 32 and 64 bit Windows 7, you can use the same key for both.

How NOT To Be….Microsoft

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...

The day has finally arrived for Microsoft, early Thursday, a day before the actual listed date. What was the special day? Well, readers, unless you’ve been living in a cave – in which case, where did you get the computer to read this? And how are you getting Internet? – the new Windows 8 operating system and tablet, the Surface, have come into the world.

Last night, I got my promo code for the sweet update from Windows 7 to that of 8 and I have to tell you…I’m a bit apprehensive about it. There have been some big negative reviews about this new, radical notion from M$ on going from radical software to design brilliance on hardware. But how can you, the busy freelancer, learn to not be like Microsoft? Read the rest of this entry