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I Demand This

So over at Nerdy Life of Mine, my buddy Jason had a post about Star Trek. Okay, he actually does many posts about Star Trek, but that’s why his site is called Nerdy Life of Mine, yeah?

Anyway, in making a comment, I happened to mention this video a friend of mine showed me years ago. If you’re a fan (read – shipper) of Riker and Troi, then the very idea of a sitcom with the two of them needs to be realized.

I said it then and I say it again now.

Do. Want!


Geek Week, part 2

To celebrate my geek week of last week, here’s two songs for you. I was only gonna do one, but it didn’t feel right to not do one for Star Trek, so here you go.

MC Chris – “Fett’s Vette”

“Star Trekkin'”