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How Not to Be…A Technology Victim

Some crazy stuff happened this month in the tech world, crazy stuff. First, after nearly 7 years of threatening, Microsoft managed to actually stop support of Windows XP and there was of course much rejoicing – for those of us that have stopped using XP about seven years ago; next came the horrible, terrible, no good HeartBleed bug came about and put the Internet in a tizzy, as users – personal and professional alike – rushed to make sure their info and logins hadn’t been hacked. And just today, everyone’s favorite browser Internet Explorer showed that it still has room for even more vulnerabilities than we had originally thought. 

If you remember from way back when, I had this little series going on how we freelancers can learn not to be like those crazy companies we work for or use, so once again readers, I bring you another How Not To Be! This isn’t just aimed at my freelancing brethren, but to anyone who owns any type of electronic or technical device. Read the rest of this entry


Late on the Uptake

Can I just say that technology is awesome, however the amount of passwords I know and keep is ridiculous?

So while I had wanted to update this last week, I of course forgot and then when I remembered and I had forgotten my password to get into the blog. How sad is that, huh? Of course, it is important to state that everyone should choose a password that no one can guess in order to keep your online information safe.

With that said, it’s still annoying.

But as you can see, I managed to get in, so take that password! Extra special treat of two posts today cause I forgot. For those in the US, Happy Vets Day, especially to all those that have or are currently serving to keep the country safe. Posting an extra today and another tomorrow…which, now that I think about it, is actually on the regularly scheduled time. LOL