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Windows 10 Is Coming! Should You Get It?

By now, you must have heard that Windows 10 is official and coming to PCs at the end of next month. It’s a huge undertaking for Microsoft, who not only need to shed off the stigma of Windows 8, but make it so people (read: businesses) will actually want to upgrade from Windows 7 (or XP). The technical preview has been out for a while and Microsoft is getting a ton of feedback from the current users (including me), but all of it amounts to nothing if you can’t use it for your freelancing purposes.

So…will Windows 10 be worth it?

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Will Freelance for Money – Getting Paid!

Okay, you all know what I’m going to say.

Sorry, job, real life, yadda yadda. But I’m here, yeah? I will totally never leave you guys fully (unless one day I totally leave you guys fully).

So I started at this new job of mine as an independent contractor. That’s the fancy name you get when you’re starting out as a freelancer for a company. It makes sense – they try you out, you try them out, and if it all works together, then boom. You may not be an IC anymore (you could go full time!) Read the rest of this entry

When in Doubt, Network!

So thanks to the economy and those pesky things called bills, last year I went looking for a full-time job and got one doing tech support towards the end of the month. Oh, I still have my occasional freelancing gigs, but it’s all about paying the rent and getting out of debt, you know. One of the good things about coming back to the workforce, especially when phone tech support, is that you meet a lot of new and interesting people.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has or is doing some office work and freelancing on the side, so you’ve probably encountered folks who may have been interested in what other things you do – this can certainly be family and friends, but I’m talking about co-workers and yes, even clients. Working tech support for an ISP, I of course speak to a lot of different people, every minute, of every hour, of every day that I’m working; many are just regular folks having issues, but once in a while I speak to folks that are doing what I am – freelancing/work at home/small business – and I basically make a new friend. Read the rest of this entry

In A Galaxy…Near You…Came a Phone!

People of my blog!

Okay, first – I’m sorry. I am, really. You know how real life gets me and I have to do that and then come back here, but more on that later. Important, awesome news, which actually does relate to that series I started back in December. So, if you’ll remember, I was doing a list of some of the best gifts you should consider when thinking about your freelancer. Well, as of this post, let’s just consider this the start of our phone and app section, yes? Read the rest of this entry

Best Gifts for Freelancers – Fun Times

As a side to my earlier side, I’ve been having some awesome times with my new monitor. There’s something about a 24 inch in comparison to the 19 inch that I had and it’s awesome. From a freelancer and work point of the view, the ability to have two items side by side is great; I could do it with the other monitor, but it was much smaller and many times I ended up just not doing work that way. Bigger screen, better ability.

But I haven’t been using this monitor just for work. Oh no, no no. LOL Read the rest of this entry

Best Gifts – Sideline

WindowsSo after my recent pc issues, I thought I’d give this little side about PCs when it comes to getting something for your freelancer. For some of you, getting the standard retail PC may work perfectly well for your freelancer, but for some, you may find that building a PC is a better alternative because you can put whatever you want in your system.

Recently, I got an upgrade on my monitor thanks to my roommate’s mom’s monitor going out. Through awesomeness and a mistake purchase, I ended up getting the near exact 24 inch monitor I’d been looking at for months. While awesome, this did in turn cause some issues with my system, despite my rebuilding of it only a little over a year ago – the problem? Well, long story short, Windows 32 bit apparently does not see memory above 4GB. So basically, the 8GB of RAM I originally built this with wasn’t being used, which caused me to think that my RAM had gone bad.

Again, luckily I was able to get a refund on one of additional sticks I bought and with store credit, got another speaker set.

Word to those of you that are thinking about building your freelancer a PC – make sure that your OS is going to work with your system. Without realizing it and just doing what I would normally do, I had reformatted Optimus Prime here with the 32 bit edition instead of the 64 bit; the good news is that the product key works with both editions so if you’re lucky like me to have both 32 and 64 bit Windows 7, you can use the same key for both.

The State of Freelancing

So as you all may know, I’ve been freelancing for…wow, over four years now, and for those of you just starting on the adventure, you’ve figured out that the road isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, sadly.

However, in terms of how many people are freelancing, whether as a side or full time, the landscape looks pretty good. This infographic from Graphic Design Degree Hub shows the impact of freelancing today in the US and the numbers are still growing. What’s that mean for us? Well, it means we might have more competition, but it also means that the avenues of employment are still opening.

If you remember, I had just gotten back with the job I had started months ago before that “recent unpleasantness”; it’s tech support for a major US ISP company that allows me to reap the benefits of an office salary with health and dental insurance, but still allowing me to work from home. Of course, I’d like to work out of an office, in an actual building, with other actual people, however once I am able to get back to Denver, there’s a pretty good chance that I’m going to completely set up an office area to give the illusion of working somewhere that isn’t the living room.

Thanks much to Anna and the folks over at Graphic Design Degree Hub for sharing this with me!

The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer