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The Path to a Career…Or, I’m Turning 35, What Do I Do Now??

Bueno, good readers!

As some of you may or may not know, my birthday is coming up next and it’s the monumental big 3-5. The quintessential middle-aged number, the halfway point to forty and I’m turning it. While I’m not particularly happy about it, a much more pressing issue has begun to crop up as I start the countdown.

My career.

You see, I don’t have one and as I’m about to approach the age where I should have that, married, kids, the whole nine yards, I have of course begun to think about that it is I wanna be when I grow up. And the answer is… Read the rest of this entry


Learning and Charging as a Freelancer

I start this new post with the sad news that I lost my job a few weeks ago; this of course means no Surface and of course the next month of struggling. I have effectively cancelled Christmas!

There is some good in all of this however – how, you may ask?

What do you mean you wouldn’t ask? Well ask now, damn it!

How Gina? Read the rest of this entry