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The Ups and Downs of Windows 10

As of yesterday, it has been one month since Windows 10 became the official new release of the Windows operating systems and I have now spent that month having it on both my laptop and my desktop. You’ll remember the previous entries detailed the good and bad of trying to actually install Windows 10 and now that I have, what exactly do I think? Well, I’ll tell you, but first a disclaimer –

As you are a freelancing crowd, I’m sure you’ve already done your homework about Windows 10. This is totally not a review of Windows 10, but a little opinion piece that can hopefully add to the reviews you’ve been reading. With that said, I will say that I’ll be saying things in contradictory form against some of these reviews, so you know – research before you decide to make the plunge!

Let’s make our favorite Stewie Sandwich on this, shall we?

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Best Gifts for Freelancers – 2013 edition


After two months of being bombarded by advertisers and commercials proclaiming the Christmas season, it’s finally the Christmas season. And so far, things are going well for the end of the year – have a place to stay, have a job, and that job is now going to help me move into a place of my own, which is awesome sauce. 

So with the holiday season amongst us finally, it’s time to start thinking about presents. I love presents and I assume you, dear readers, also enjoy presents and what would make the upcoming holiday season – and thus, the upcoming new year – better than to get items that not only make your life better, but help you on your road to freelancing awesomeness. Read the rest of this entry