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Summertime Blues or The Time Gina Went Looking for an Internship

Bueno, loyal readers!

Well, it’s official – I am thirty-five years and twelve days old today. I know, right? If you remember my last post, my birthday was just looming ahead and with that, I decided I would do the grown up thing and pick a career and a career I did pick – technical writing/communication. It’s perfect really – I of course love writing, as you know, and I’m a big geek when it comes to technology and I have of course done my fair share of articles and reviews within the technology sphere.

The downside to this is of course that full-time job I have. It also works, as it’s in technical support (which can help with tech writing), but it’s summer and that means getting less hours and less monies. You all know I loves me some monies, so losing hours is kinda not cool, but as you freelancers will know, you can’t just stop when one project stops – you keep going and in this post my friends, I’m gonna talk to you about internships. If anyone of you have ever watched a television show or movie, you’ve probably seen the lowly intern – the poor guy or gal who goes out fetching coffee for the office, makes copies, runs errands, etc. Basically the idea of an internship is not appealing, right? Read the rest of this entry


MOOCs & You – Why You Should Consider Them

Happy Saturday, readers! So before I begin, I would like to let you all know that things have finally settled in to good things. I got the word that my rehire has been approved and while I’ll have to go through the process once more, at least I’m being given the opportunity to actually make way with this new position.

But this post isn’t about new job beginnings or working from home (more on that upcoming), this is about what I do when I’m not working and not writing. You may have heard about the rise of MOOCs – massive open online courses – and where they might take college and other higher learning institutions. If you follow me on G+, you may know that I just received my certificate with distinction from my Internet History course, so of course I’m all about the online schooling.

Read the rest of this entry