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Tech Writer Thoughts – Joining the STC

I know, it’s been a hella long time since I posted and that’s kinda sad.

If you remember, I’ve been on the quest to become a technical writer, which started all the way back in June. Since then, I’ve been trying to jump into the career, while maintaining a full time job schedule; which, btw, I hate job searching in case you’re wondering. I hate it with every fiber of my being, if that’s even possible. (In this case, yes it is).

society for technical communication

society for technical communication

So I’ve gone the usual job search route, until I heard about the STC. What, you may ask, is the STC? It stands for the Society of Technical Communication, a group for…well, technical communicators. In my case, technical writers. A networking group if you will dedicated to bringing those of us together, in the realm of technical communication. The normal year membership is like $150, which…what? $150! Good lord, that’s a lot of money! Hence why I wasn’t jumping at the chance to join, but I did sign up to get more info and luckily, a sales price went up, so I decided to give it a try. Read the rest of this entry


MOOCs & You – Why You Should Consider Them

Happy Saturday, readers! So before I begin, I would like to let you all know that things have finally settled in to good things. I got the word that my rehire has been approved and while I’ll have to go through the process once more, at least I’m being given the opportunity to actually make way with this new position.

But this post isn’t about new job beginnings or working from home (more on that upcoming), this is about what I do when I’m not working and not writing. You may have heard about the rise of MOOCs – massive open online courses – and where they might take college and other higher learning institutions. If you follow me on G+, you may know that I just received my certificate with distinction from my Internet History course, so of course I’m all about the online schooling.

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