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Here it is, kids! The all new Writer66 site!

It just opened today, so right now you’ll see some of the latest posts from Freelancer R, but I’m hoping this weekend you’ll have some new stuff to read! This of course means that we will need to say goodbye to our friend Freelancer R here. Don’t worry – I’ll let you change your bookmarks and things before I take it down, but make sure you’re putting the new site on your list of stuff to read.

I’ve got new posts for you, as well as brand spankin’ new theme! In the upcoming weeks and month, you’ll also be seeing a change to SPANTENNA, but you shouldn’t need to change the link for that. You WILL however see a pretty new theme! We like new stuff, right!?

So, head over to Writer66, let me know what you think. Play around with it, use it, hug it, love it, all that good stuff.


Freelancer R to Become Writer R

Hey kids!

So as mentioned last month, I’ve been thinking about redoing our Freelancer R blog to something different and that decision is now a go.

For all you followers out there, I am planning on moving this site, as well as SPANTENNA to a new server, with a new name, and…AND a brand new design! Huh? Doesn’t that sound awesome!?

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A New Freelancer R?

Hey Internet! So…I have been thinking.

Yes, yes, smoke, sweat, and all that stuff, but in all honesty, I have been thinking. And the thinking is about our little blog here.

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How Not to be…Motorola

Using our wayback machine, let’s go back to a time – the before times – when I introduced this new series called “How Not to be…” It was, basically, little rants about companies who were doing silly things that did nothing to appeal to their consumer or even business base and that was sad. I haven’t done one of these in a while, but this past weekend stated that there are still companies out there who…because reasons.

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Hello Moto!

So last weekend, I discovered that my Note 2 stopped working. And by that, I mean it was no longer taking calls or text messages. Now, while I appreciate it knowing when I don’t want to be bothered, it should be taking phone calls from me when I call it. But alas it did not. Read the rest of this entry

Our Windows 10 Stewie Sammie

In the last post, it’s been six months since I installed Windows 10 and it’s been so far so good. But it’s not great. And here’s why. Read the rest of this entry

Six Months in with Windows 10

As January comes to an end, I realized that I have now spent 6 months with the new Windows 10 on three machines now and so far…it’s not been bad. If you’ll remember before the end of the year, I had officially installed Windows 10 after having issues with the tech version and then the official summer release, to the point, I had to push it off from my desktop for several months.

And now six months have gone by. What do I think? Let’s start us a Stewie sandwich! Read the rest of this entry