How Not to be…Motorola

Using our wayback machine, let’s go back to a time – the before times – when I introduced this new series called “How Not to be…” It was, basically, little rants about companies who were doing silly things that did nothing to appeal to their consumer or even business base and that was sad. I haven’t done one of these in a while, but this past weekend stated that there are still companies out there who…because reasons.

First up is Motorola. You’ll see that I just replaced my hardy Note 2 with a new Moto X Pure Edition, but the process of getting this was a hassle, all starting with the very maker of the phone.

Day 1: It all started, I think, on Friday. That was the day I noticed that no one was able to call or text me (and apparently for a while, as I discovered last night); I even tried calling myself with no hope or help from my provider Straight Talk (more on them later). At this point, I had already been thinking about replacing my phone for something newer, especially considering that I was about four generations of Notes behind, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted another phone with a stylus, seeing as I already had one for my laptop.

So the decision to go ahead and get a new phone was made for me that weekend, with my decision ultimately being getting the Moto X Pure Edition. A nice stock Android phone, with customization options, and unlocked for the starting price of $399. I was all in.

Day 2: Resolved that my Note 2 wasn’t going to cooperate, I went ahead and began the process of customizing and ordering my new phone from Motorola’s website. And here’s where the nightmare began. Customizing the phone went off without a hitch, adding in the $20 protection plan for a year, and a AT&T Sim card was fine, and then hitting the purchase went okay. And then about 15 minutes later, I get an email saying that my purchase had been cancelled because…reasons.

Which I will note were not listed in said email. Only that I try again. So, thinking maybe I entered the card wrong or maybe I hadn’t changed addresses when I moved, I tried ordering it again. And again, 15 minutes later, I get an email that my purchase has been cancelled because…reasons. So I check my bank account – all money accounted for and with enough to spare – tried again. Again…reasons. So I waited. Maybe the site was being ridiculous, I don’t know.

So later, I tried again. Reasons. I then tried ordering something from Amazon and…no problems. So what the hell?

Day 3: Once more into the breach, I tried to order a new phone and once more reasons. So finally, I called Motorola. Motorola then finally tells me what the problem is – it’s not them, it’s my bank. Really. Dubious, so I go out into the world and try ordering breakfast and…my card doesn’t go through. So that alerts me that something is wrong, especially when I’m able to go out to the ATM and get money. So I call my bank. Yes, they put a hold on my account cause I hadn’t been using my PIN for a while and security, they weren’t sure if it was me or someone else using my card.

Thank you Wells Fargo, I like that, however I would also like it if you notified me of this problem. Though, for all I know, maybe they did and I wasn’t getting any text messages. So I think, problem solved. So, after coming back home, I try again and hooray! Order goes through! And then…my Note 2 did an update and refused to turn back on. Thankfully I have a new phone on the way so…

Day 4: Denied.

While I was able to bring my Note 2 back to life, Motorola again said you don’t want you to buy this phone and put my order on hold. So I call in again. The reason this time – because of the issues that Motorola themselves had with their sites and the orders they cancelled, they thought I had too many cancelled orders. Le sigh. So I probably not so nicely and very frustratedly explained that they kept sending me emails cancelling my order. The result?

Customer service would send a nice worded letter to the cancellation department explaining my issues and would leave the decision up to them. It would take a day or two to do this.

Day 5: The next day, I awake and what greets me? An email from Motorola stating that no matter the reasons, my order has been permanently cancelled and I’ll get money back in 3 to 5 days. Thankfully, I had already called my bank and nicely said, “This is ridonkulous! Please help me gets my money back!” and they said, “Cool.”

Day 8: Patiently waiting for money to return to me for three days, I’m excited on Friday to see that money has been returned. My roommate announces that he’s going to buy a Playstation 4, turning our Microsoft home upside down (*grumble*damn it, it was worth it *grumble* Battlefront *grumble* Bro Force). So while he goes to Target, I go into Best Buy, one of three retailers also selling this phone, and see if they might have it. The hope is to avoid having to go to Amazon and more waiting, especially over Easter holiday and in looking into this, not only was there a deal to get the phone for $299, but I could ship it to a store. Unfortunately, not a Best Buy near me, so needless to say, I wasn’t expecting what actually happened.

I got it. I got my phone.

And now I kinda wish I hadn’t bothered with Motorola.

How Can Motorola Improve?

First and foremost, if you’re having issues with the website, say you’re having issues. I hadn’t known about this until I spoke to customer service because apparently even tech support wasn’t aware of it.

Second, instead of giving customers a false sense of security, if something prevents an order from going through, state it on the website. If I wasn’t such a sucker for checking my email every moment, I wouldn’t have even been aware my purchase didn’t go through. It would’ve been nice to have an error box pop up with the error number and reason; then I could have called the bank sooner.

Third, knowing the site was causing problems for people ordering, being dismissed by the ‘cancellation department’ was a blow. So when something errors on your end, you blame the customer? Stay classy, Motorola.

I will probably never order anything from Motorola’s site again, though thankfully my phone seems to be working the way it should. And in the long run, I didn’t miss out much on the customization – I didn’t get the back cover I wanted, but the phone was the color I wanted and really, I’m planning on getting a case for it, so you wouldn’t have seen the back cover anyways (unless I got a clear back case) and the ability to get it the very day I wanted it helped alleviate the urge to never utter the name Motorola again.

Of course, Motorola was just one part of the ultimate problem. Next post, let’s talk about getting straight…Straight Talk that is.


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