Hello Moto!

So last weekend, I discovered that my Note 2 stopped working. And by that, I mean it was no longer taking calls or text messages. Now, while I appreciate it knowing when I don’t want to be bothered, it should be taking phone calls from me when I call it. But alas it did not.

After watching my roommate go through the process of replacing his own phone, I decided that – as my two years were coming up – I would start taking a look at all of the new phones coming out and see if there was something I liked. Now, I hadn’t planned on buying a phone this early in the year – my Note 2 was serving me well and after getting the whole root purpose and process down, I was actually running a decent version of Marshmallow on it.

But not receiving calls aside, it also seemed to be filling up storage and no matter what I removed or silenced or turned off, I seem to still have less space that when I first bought it. And it was doing some other weird things that basically pushed my decision to buy earlier than I wanted. And then of course Sunday night, it refused to turn on. A series of Swanee N’yuk N’yuk rituals later, I got it to turn back on and work, but that had been the last straw.

So during that same weekend, I went ahead and began a ridiculous process for buying a Motorola Moto X Pure Edition. It’s the current flagship for Motorola right now, but I let the video explain more and what I got when I got it –

Due to not having the right Sim card, I’ve only been able to set it up to my liking and play with the camera, but so far I do enjoy it. As a hardcore Samsung fan, I’m impressed with the way the phone has similar Samsung features, but makes them better; for example, the Moto Display allows me to get a quick glance at notifications without needing to unlock my phone, however better than that, I’m actually able to read messages/emails from the screen, with an option to reply to them as well.

I’m also finding the Moto Assist to be helpful, though it basically does what Google now’s “Ok Google” does, something I had just started using with my Note 2. It basically utilizes Google, but I think I’ll use it before I decide if I want to switch back or not. A couple of features I’m looking forward to using is Android Pay and Smart Lock.

Android Pay, like it sounds, would allow me to make purchases in store with my phone. IIRC, this is the replacement to Google Wallet, which I had used once and sadly didn’t use it again because stores were stupid for adding this at the time. I am the kind of person who would and has either left my wallet at home or removed my credit card for some reason – such as putting it in my phone case and forgetting to put it back in said wallet – and it’s kinda embarrassing to get to the head of the line and realize I don’t have money to pay (or worse, make my friend pay for me). So far, I have noticed that unlike Wallet, I can only have one card, which is kinda limiting especially when most people have two or more, so I’m hoping multiple cards is something I haven’t found or will come soon.

Smart Lock, from the description, means that while the phone is with you – in your pocket, in your hand, at home, or at work – you don’t have to keep unlocking it if the screen goes dim. I have this turned on, but not sure if I’m doing it right – apparently if I put the phone down, it locks and I have to enter the pin again, but if it’s in my hand I don’t? I’ll have to investigate further, but I was hoping this would allow the phone to stay unlocked when I’m at home or work, but is locked if I’m anywhere else – like a coffee shop – but we’ll see.

You can expect two new “How Not To Be” posts to detail my…wonderful experiences in ordering this.


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