Six Months in with Windows 10

As January comes to an end, I realized that I have now spent 6 months with the new Windows 10 on three machines now and so far…it’s not been bad. If you’ll remember before the end of the year, I had officially installed Windows 10 after having issues with the tech version and then the official summer release, to the point, I had to push it off from my desktop for several months.

And now six months have gone by. What do I think? Let’s start us a Stewie sandwich!

The Good!

Besides the whole, having an updated operating system, newest and latest, blah blah, I’m actually enjoying Windows 10. And actually, I think I might be enjoying it more thanks to the newest addition to my computing family. For Black Friday, I went ahead and purchased the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2 in 1 laptop, this with an i3 (which was what I was waiting for since the original release). Windows 10 Home was already installed and because it’s a tabtop, it goes from being a laptop to a tablet pretty quickly.

This is where I think Windows 10 shines.

The conversion from laptop to tablet is actually pretty seemless and being able to sit and read the news or even a Kindle book is awesome. And with the faster processor, I’m no longer bogged down by speed; still not as quick as Optimus Prime of course, however I think a change in not only hard drive (from a SATA to a SSD), but a WiFi card change (to an AC card) may put it on par or exceed Optimus. Now before I go too deep, this is not a gaming laptop by any means (this is why I have a desktop), but touch screen games like Planets vs Zombies and Angry Birds work very well here.

As for Optimus, Windows 10 runs very well, especially as I installed the professional version of Windows 10 on this machine. This is my entertainment ring, so I’m happy to say that all video, music, and games run the way they should, if not faster thanks to the SSD install.

The Not So Good

Aside from the controversies about Microsoft spying and all that jazz, what really annoys me is Cortana. I decided I’d give it a try and see how helpful it was and it’s not. At all. Actually, she does a decent enough job, however the fact that she can be triggered by anything said is annoying.

And I do mean anything. Several times I’ve been in conference calls and she’ll pop up and start doing a search that I didn’t say I wanted. Oddly enough, whenever I actually do say, “Hey Cortana!”, nothing ever happens, but I could be discussing our latest project and somehow she interrupts this as a search for “Michael Jackson is trying to kill me” (I kid you not, this is what she actually thought I said and went to go search it)

Another annoyance is the Control Panel and Settings. I get having Settings – it’s a quick way to get to the most common things or issues (network, appearance, etc), but in all honesty, it’s kinda useless for anyone who knows how to use a computer. Example – you can set personalization within settings, however if you want to choose a theme, it’ll kick you into the Control Panel. What is the point of that? It would have been much better to let users choose – if you don’t know what you’re doing, Settings is the thing for you; if you DO know what you’re doing, then it’s the Control Panel. I would even offer a short little quiz in case people aren’t sure, basic questions on what they might be looking for or need to find – depending on their answers, they get either option.


Next post, we’ll finish up our Stewie sammie!




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