Our Windows 10 Stewie Sammie

In the last post, it’s been six months since I installed Windows 10 and it’s been so far so good. But it’s not great. And here’s why.

The No Good and Just Plain Bad

I will maintain that installing and running Windows 10 completely differs depending on your machine. Store bought machines, especially laptops, seem to come out better when it comes to the OS; this is not true for any machine that is custom built or has anything replaced.

Before you jump down my throat, I understand that Microsoft can’t be responsible for all the different kinds of devices in everyone’s computers, however I will differ on this as they seem to have the most recent drivers for many manufacturers, so what gives? My main issue isn’t even that – as most of my drivers have been fine, with no issues; I’m more up in arms about the whole DVD/CD ROM thing.

Granted, I don’t use the DVD ROM on my desktop a lot, however when it comes to installing things, like say a wireless driver, you need a CD for that. Microsoft’s decision to not cater to desktop systems with these peripherals (and all desktops come with a ROM drive of some sort) and then adding a $15 on top of that is ridiculous. In their defense, apparently the last major update fixed this because not only can I now see my DVD drive, but it actually works like it should.

Another main issue I have is sleep mode. I haven’t been able to put or bring my computer back from sleep mode since first install. And I don’t understand why – I’ve set the sleep perimeters, made sure nothing is randomly waking up the computer, etc. It will go to sleep just fine, however coming out of sleep, it just won’t do; it freezes up my entire computer and I have to restart it. I found a fix a few months ago that seemed to work and has now stopped working. My computer also doesn’t go to sleep with the settings I’ve set, especially when it used to on Windows 7.

Lastly, Edge. I hate it. It’s the worse.

My roommate and I have already had at least one heated argument over this – he maintains that it’s a new browser and there are bound to be tweaks that can still be made. My argument is, this is literally IE 12 and in the face of Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, I don’t understand how Microsoft could have put out a browser missing so much.

Here is the issue – Chrome, which I love and use every single day, is a battery hog on my laptop. At first, I thought it was just the little budget laptop that couldn’t keep up, but I’ve seen it on the newer, faster tabtop of D2-N1 (get it?) I’m firmly in the Googlesphere, but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t like Edge, so I tried it. The one thing I absolutely loved is Web Notes and I actually used them when I was tasked to go over my company’s blogs; I made notes on literally every single blog (about 100+).

Let me tell you why this doesn’t work.

See, for some strange reason, despite the fact that Microsoft now insists that you have a login so that you can seamlessly get all your apps and customizations on other computers, that decision did not extend to Edge. Yes readers, Edge does not have syncing for anything – not bookmarks, not history, not Web Notes*

*This was supposedly correctly in the last update, however I have not see anything to this effect.

So basically, even if I’m connected to two computers, it doesn’t matter when I can’t have all of my bookmarks and notes handy and ready for another computer. The other issue I have is Edge is slow as hell. And I’ve read all of the benchmark tests that pit Edge against Chrome, Firefox, etc and I’m not sure what sites they’re going to because on both of my computers, Edge is way slower than Chrome. By the time I’ve opened three tabs in Chrome, Edge is still loading the first (and this is after I’ve tried using Edge first before just giving up and going back to Chrome). Edge does not work well with anything that isn’t text I’ve noticed – video, images, etc – nope. I even turned off Flash, PDF viewing, and other things in Chrome just to see if I could mitigate my laptop’s battery (keep in mind, this affects my desktop too which I have no issues with) and Chrome STILL loads faster!

I’ve even seen it on a coworker’s laptop, with different programs running, Edge just takes forever.

So there you have it, readers – Windows 10, six months in, and all seems well. Definitely designed for touch devices, so far both keyboard/mouse and touch users should be happy with it, though anyone with custom desktops should be wary and double check before they install; sleep mode is apparently non-existent, though hibernate seems okay. And personally, I would avoid the new Edge browser, unless you don’t already have a browser of choice.

What do you guys think? Are any of you running Windows 10 for work and play? Do you see the same issues I do/have? Let me know below!


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