Help Me Readers! You’re My Only Hope!

Have you guys seen Star Wars yet?

And why the heck not??

No, I’m not gonna talk about Star Wars…well, at least not the movie. I am gonna talk about one of the video games and fan fiction and I’m gonna tie it all back to “why you should always have a backup for your stuff”! Just watch –

So I am, of course, a little obsessed with Star Wars, especially the game Knights of the Old Republic. It was an awesome game that came out in 2003 and it totally rocked my world in terms of great story telling, character development, and mostly, an overarching universe that tied in with the original trilogy. Way before BioWare went MMO on us with The Old Republic, I had been unsatisfied with the whole storyline and ending of the sequel, The Sith Lords.

*Before anyone says anything, I have gone back on this statement, thanks to The Restoration Project that went about restoring the second game to actually being good; with that fix, the storyline was superb.*

Like many an author, I turned to writing to solve and resolve the storyline for myself. Believe me, I now so way more than I should about the ancient Sith, the rise and fall of the first generation of Jedi (those before the Clone Wars and the prequels), it’s a little scary. But with that said, here’s where I need your help –

I have this little site called SPANTENNA. Currently, it’s being filled with the fan fic I’ve written and will also – one day – include all of the original stories I’ve done. But I currently have a problem – the best fic I wrote for KOTOR – I feel – is my Revenge of the Sith series; it’s epic and split into 12 equal parts (IIRC, that was to reflect the 9 part movie series George Lucas originally envisioned). Here’s the issue – I’m missing that 12th part. Entitled Knights of the Old Republic III: Revenge of the Sith – Part XII – To All Things, An End, this was the epilogue to the story, however it left room for me to continue the series.

The last and apparently only place it was seen was on the now defunct KOTOR Fan Media site – kfm.jpg

On one hand, I’m able to get the entire series through Part 11 thanks to the WayBack Machine (Internet Archive); I even found when I posted the epilogue – Nov 28, 2009 around 6:10pm. The problem? Other than the homepage listing for new fics, there’s no snapshot of that particular (or any apparently) listed fiction. And no, before you ask, I don’t have the original because…I’m not exactly sure to be honest. I do remember that the old site – My Fav Shows – had been backed up on a hard disk that I have since lost, though luckily I managed to make another backup of everything – sans this chapter and one of my Get Smart stories, Key West.

And dear reader, this is where I launch into my “please, for all that’s holy, always make a backup of your files!” I really can’t state this enough, especially if you’re freelancing. There may be a time in which you’ll need to showcase some of your previous work for someone and you can’t do that if you don’t have any samples to show. Luckily, saving and backing up your files and other things is so much easier now –

The Cloud: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, whatever you pick, you have a ton of variety when it comes to making sure you’re files are saved should you ever need them.

External Hard Drives: I have a 1TB external and I’m really considering on getting a bigger 3TB (or an internal HD that’s the same amount) Both external and internal hard drives are inexpensive now, that buying two shouldn’t be a hassle and with SSDs also dropping in price, you could spend the money for a bigger and much faster drive.

Heed my words, dear readers. When the time comes when you’ll need some file you’ve forgotten about, having that backup will come in handy. And now for the plea I started with – for any of my readers who just happened to be a member or reader back on KFM, if you happen to have a copy of my Revenge of the Sith work, plus the epilogue or know where the epilogue could be, please send me a note. I haven’t updated the story on the site to that point yet, but I would really like to avoid having to rewrite it, especially when it’s been seven years since I wrote it in the first place.



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