How Do YOU Work?

Over at Lifehacker – the best site for interesting things – they have a series of articles that talk about how people work. Not what they do, but how they do it. For some reason, it got me wondering how many of you freelancing readers out there are working your freelancing. Every person is different when it comes to their working style and freelancing is no different, however with freelancing, you can basically work whenever and wherever you want.

Okay, there is that difference.

But if you’re new to freelancing, how should you be working?

No right or wrong way

There’s no right or wrong way to work when you’re freelancing (or working from home, depending on your company). You don’t even need to be at home if you choose not to. The latter I’ve found is what many freelancers may prefer – getting out of the house in order to get into the concept of ‘working’; by that, I mean, the idea of having to leave the house in order to ‘go to work’. There are a few articles that discuss falling back into the mindset of having to be at an office everyday, so going through the motions should help alleviate the idea of procrastinating or doing everything but working.

Some people prefer taking that mindset, but never leaving home. They might have an area set up just for work, with all of the obvious ‘do not disturb’ signs hanging about. This is can work if you live by yourself; I’ve found that trying to get work done with other people in the house works as well as it sounds. So how does a budding freelancer find how to set themselves up to work?

Home or ‘Office’

As mentioned above, with freelancing/WFH you don’t necessarily have to be at home or at an office. With my current job, I routinely will work from home, however I do have the luxury of being able to go to our actual office and work or I can head out to a coffee shop to work. And it doesn’t need to be a coffee shop – personally, I find the ongoing music an actual distraction when at a coffee shop, especially with all the conversations that may be going on depending on where I am (if you’ve ever been to a Starbucks, then you know); you can always go to the library or even a bookstore.

Get in the Zone

How do you get into the zone? You know, that creative place where the juices are flowing, the muse is giving up ideas, and it seems like you don’t have paper or digital space to get everything down. I think being in a zone is important, even more so when other people are aware of your zone and they leave you alone while in it. For many people, the zone is brought on by listening to something, usually music; ironically, I find music to be distracting as I tend to sing along more than actually taking part of a zone. This is when I turn to TV or movies, however it must be something I have seen more than once, as it then just becomes background noise. I’ve also discovered listening to podcasts can be great as well, though I try to stay away from ones that I really want to invest time in.

Choose Your WeaponThurrott Fig1 Surface

And by weapon, I mean the method in which you get your stuff done. In our growing world of mobile, tablets and laptops are seeing a renewed emergence in not only consumer use, but professional use. Depending on what your freelancing specialty is, I would highly recommend getting a laptop or tablet/tabtop; from experience, I highly suggest you avoid the budget laptops/tablets, least you spend money on something that isn’t doing what you need it to. With the new Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft, expect a slew of new computers to come out, as well as updates to video cards and processors.

Of course, if you’re like me, you may have the old standard of the desktop. Optimus Prime and I will be celebrating three years together next month and with the new purchase of a SSD, I believe I have now completed my system updates (I think). My desktop is custom built, so I pretty much have everything current and up to date, at least until I have to replace something within ten years. And while I may like to get away from my desk, Optimus is still my go-to device when I need to work.

There’s a ton of different ways of working as a freelancer, career choices, working on the side, etc. Being able to find your path is what I’m here to help you with!


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