Windows 10 is Here and It’s…Complicated

So, in my last post, I gushed how little issue I had with installing Windows 10 on my laptop. Other than needing to do a reinstall, which I had planned to do as a clean install anyway, everything went smoothly.

And then I got the official notification of Windows 10 on my desktop.

Desktop install – One week later 8/7

Literally one week to the day of the official launch of Windows 10, my desktop gives me the official announcement that I can upgrade it from Windows 7. And there was much rejoicing. I had been wanting to try Windows 10 on Optimus Prime for quite some time now, as it’s faster and has a bigger screen. Surely, the upgrade from 7 to 10 would be much quicker and more rewarding on my desktop, right?

No. Not at all.

In fact, the words excruciating nightmare seem to come to mind whenever I think about this weekend.

Day 1 – first install x 4

On Friday, I decided I’d start the install of Windows 10 on my desktop. I usually only work a short day on Friday, so I figured whatever I needed to do, I could do so on my laptop. That’s why I have two computers. So I started the official upgrade and once it hit a good point, I went to go work out.

An hour later, I returned and…my desktop was still at the same place it had been before I left – 25% in the giant circle, with 84% of files being installed. I’ve been here before – while installing one of the Technical Previews, my screen would get stuck at 32% and just hang. At the time, it was because of the language packs that were being installed. Highly annoying, but I was able to find a work around.

So I said, screw it and restarted. I had been up since 4am working on this, so I decided to take a nap. About an hour and a half later, I woke up to find that my screen was on the 25% screen. Okay, no worries, right? Maybe I got impatient. I had a meeting later than I thought, so I went back to sleep. Another hour later and…still stuck. So by now, I’m getting kinda annoyed here. What the hell? This should be a simple process right? So I revert back to Windows 7, get on my laptop and start chatting with chat.

Let me reiterate that Microsoft customer and technical support are rubbish. Completely rubbish. I worked in tech support and while there were things beyond my control, I could at least point out different alternatives other than the complete shut down of an entire system, but even this seemed to beyond the knowledge of the agent. Five minutes later, after using Google, I discovered that the reason the install keeps hanging – I had my DVD rom plugged in.

I know, right?

Now, I’m totally agitated. This is what’s holding up my install? Really? Fine then. So I unplug everything, including my internal DVD drive and reinstall again, for the third time. This time, by some miracle, it works. Or does it? See, it kinda worked as I tested it and I run into some little issues and decided, okay, I’ll just do what I did on my laptop and do a clean install.

This is install number 4, if you’ve lost count. This also kinda, sorta worked.

By kinda sorta, I mean Windows 10 was installed (yay!) except that now, it wasn’t activated. And there was nothing I could do other than reinstall again or buy a key.

Wait. What?

Yeah, so let me explain how this whole free upgrade works. If you’re running some version of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, when you upgrade to Windows 10, it takes your official key, says ‘yep, you’re a real copy’ and then puts in a key for Windows 10. Which, you don’t see unless you know how and where to look. However, some people have had the same issue I did – they upgrade to Windows 10, get activated, all is well, then they do a clean install and are no longer activated.

I’m not even going to get into the sketchy conversation I had with rep number 3 when I chatted about it.

Day 2 – Install #5, everything’s alright. Right?

So bright and early Saturday morning, I decide to try one more time on installing Windows 10. And by this I mean, the only recourse left – as stated by rep #4 and the Internets – was to completely reinstall Windows 7, download all of the updates, and then redo the update. Tedious, and this puts it right up there with the marathon that was installing Windows XP. But…

It worked. OMG, you guys, it totally worked! Windows 10 was activated, I snatched my license key, reinstalled all of my programs and apps, and everything was fine.

Until I woke up this morning.

Day 3 – Why Microsoft, why?

This morning, I woke up with the intention on getting started on some work that I hadn’t done on Friday because I was busy fixing all the issues of Windows 10. Imagine my surprise, when my computer has come out of sleep mode and seems to be stuck at the log in screen. So I restart my computer and oh, look. It’s doing an update. Okay, fine. So I wait.

And then disaster strikes.

Updates seem to go through fine until I get to the login screen and it freezes again. So I restart again. This time…nothing. windows 10 doesn’t boot up at all. I of course start to panic, as this happened a few months ago when my hard drive crashed. Could this be happening again?

Because I get too worried, I remembered something. Something I read about one of the latest updates – KB3081424 – that was causing issues for some users. And by issues, I mean causing crashing and repeated update loops and not surprisingly, someone else had the same issue, where they were unable to boot back into Windows 10. So how did I fix this?

I had to refresh my desktop. If any of you have Windows 8/8.1, you know that a refresh is pretty much a reinstall, but without so much of the work. It does mean however reinstalling everything again. So that’s where I am.

After three days, I’m right back at the beginning of setting up my desktop for a third day. I wish I could say that I was happy with Windows 10 – overall, mostly – but this latest in Microsoft Hell has not been fun. Let’s hope the fix Forbes is stating actually works as my desktop is my main PC and at this point, going back to Windows 7 is sounding better and better.


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