Windows 10 Is Coming! Should You Get It?

By now, you must have heard that Windows 10 is official and coming to PCs at the end of next month. It’s a huge undertaking for Microsoft, who not only need to shed off the stigma of Windows 8, but make it so people (read: businesses) will actually want to upgrade from Windows 7 (or XP). The technical preview has been out for a while and Microsoft is getting a ton of feedback from the current users (including me), but all of it amounts to nothing if you can’t use it for your freelancing purposes.

So…will Windows 10 be worth it?

You guys already know that I’ve been playing with Windows 10 – I installed the tech preview when it first came out and again a few months ago after it had updated some things and got the bugs out. I’ve discussed the apps you should be using, but that’s really if you’re on a tablet or laptop. I’ve already reserved my copy for my desktop and I’m hoping some of the issues I’ve had on my laptop will disappear. But what if you don’t want Windows 10? It looks a bit like Windows 7 and Windows 8 had a baby and there you do, but can anything that resembles Windows 8/8.1 be a good thing?

The Windows 10 Experience

So before I get into this, let me just say that the issues I’ve experienced I’m sure are a combination of two things –

1. I’m using the technical preview, which is bound to have bugs and glitches

2. I’m running a budget laptop, with a dual core processor. So it’s not even close to Optimus Prime here.

So the experience – it’s been generally good. Windows 10 has brought back the wonderful start menu, so no more annoying metro screen (which in hindsight, was not as terrible as it was in Window 8, but I do like my start menu). You should be able to set the start screen to either be exactly like Windows 7, where you just have your list of apps and programs or you can do a hybrid of traditional start menu and metro screen. I’m using the latter and I’ve enjoyed it. Here’s a video if you wanna see it –

Downsides – for now at least, I can’t stretch out the start menu like you could a few builds ago. I’d like to be able to make more horizontal start menu, but after all, I thought my little laptop wouldn’t handle it. With that said, my desktop has a much bigger monitor, which means I can have more items than I do on the laptop.

Desktop Users

So desktop users rejoice, no more preference for those touch users. That’s essentially why we have the start menu back. Now, I can say that the apps in the Windows stores are purely for touch, with a mouse/keyboard as an after thought, but it works. Just get a mouse with a scroll wheel and you should be fine. So with that said, is there any point to use apps if you’re on a desktop?

Well, the choice is yours (as an annoying cartoon once said). As mentioned, you don’t ever have to use any apps if you don’t want. Me, I’ll no doubt be using the Netflix app in the background now that apps can be resized. I do like being able to see the weather from the app instead of having to look it up on and I’d really like the Mail app to work more like Outlook so I could at least use that on my laptop (close, but no cigars yet). I’ve had a virtual of Windows 10 on  my desktop that I liked, especially being able to pull up the news, Netflix, Emby, etc.


As long as I’m discussing Netflix, important news for any of you who use Windows Media Center as I do. It’s not coming back. It’s gone. Meaning, Windows 10 is not going to have it, whether for free or to purchase (like Windows 8). For those of us who use it as a HTPC, yeah, that’s all kinds suck, but there alternatives. There’s Microsoft’s video app which is actually decent this time around or you can use Emby (previously Media Center). It started as a cover or plugin for WMC and it now has both a Windows and an Android app. Problem I’ve had off and on is the Windows app crashing, though I think that’s more Windows 10 more than anything else.


So this is the most important question – can you do work on it? Will you stuff work? Easiest answer, yes, depending on where you’re coming from. If you’re on Windows 7 or 8/8.1, everything should work the way you expect with Windows 10; if you’re coming from XP (why are you still using that?), that might be trickier. Easiest way to find out is to see if you have the little Windows 10 notification; it should have showed up for Windows 7 & 8 users about two weeks ago on the left side of the taskbar. It basically is allowing you to reserve your copy so when July 29th comes, you just upgrade when you want. In that little screen, you can see what programs will or will not have issues.

Windows 7 and 8 users are now prompted to get Windows 10


So Should I Get It?

So here’s the million dollar question – should you bother with Windows 10? Honestly, it’s your choice. I know, I know, I could have just said yes or no, but then you’d come back to me and say, “I got Windows 10 and it’s horrible! I never should have listened to you!” or “I didn’t get Windows 10 and now my Windows 95/98 machine has stopped getting updates! This is your fault!”

First and foremost, if you’re running Windows 7 or 8/8.1, then yes you should because it’s free for a year. That means from July 29, 2015 until I guess July 2016, you can upgrade Windows 10 for free. Whatever edition of Windows 7 or 8 you have, you’ll get the W10 version. Now, if you’ve an Enterprise version or you want to say upgrade from home to pro, then you’ll have to pay money for it. If you’re still running Vista or XP (seriously, why?), then you’ll have to pay for it. Why? Cause you refused to upgrade to Windows 7, that’s why. After a year, you’re gonna have to do what you’ve always done for a Windows upgrade, pay for it (unless you get a new PC)


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