New job, Lollipops, and Construction!

Hey gang! I know, long time no post, but I actually have reasons, several of them and everything is pretty good in the realm of Gina! So let’s get started, huh?

Hey Mr. Bossman, I’m leaving this here job

It’s official. After months of looking (many, many months), I have finally scored a new job and a pretty good one too. Not only am I getting paid more, but most importantly, I’m doing something I enjoy. I’m writing; in fact, that’s the job title – copywriter/blogger, but I’m also being given the opportunity to try new things, which is also a bonus.

So this week is the last week at the current job, though I’ve already started working at the new place.

Lollipops for me

It’s been two years since Samsung mentioned that the Note 2, of which I have, would be getting the next OS for Android Lollipop. Two years. And there still hasn’t been any word of whether or not this is true of not. So deciding I’d give the whole rooting thing again, this time it actually worked and I’m now rocking Lollipop on my phone.

So why did I do it? Mostly cause I wanted to see if it would actually work this time. Also, now that I’ve gotten the new job, I really want to use the Note 2 for the purpose I got it for, which was as a digital note taking tool; the cool thing about the new job is the boss kinda feels the same way. And by that I mean, using technology to the best of its abilities. Downside to this is apparently no Lollipop rom keeps the S Pen functions, which is apparently dependent on Touch Wiz, but it’s also Android and I’ve managed to get around that.

Next post I’ll go over some of the mobile note taking apps.


For the last several months, there has been construction going on down the street from me. Today, we’ve finally discovered what it was they were doing.

IMG_20150309_085053 IMG_20150309_085106There’s also a new sign at the stadium that says the same thing. Wonder why they would put these here…


About Writer 66

Writing since the age of seven, managed to get a job as a copy writer, while enjoying the unsung awesomeness as a creative fan fic writer.

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