TGIaW (Thank God I’m a Writer)!

There are some days when I’m very glad I decided on pursuing writing and not, say music. This week is one of them.

This past Friday, I had two teeth pulled – one wisdom, one broken (of which I don’t know how it happened, when it happened, or why, only that it did). The good news to that is I was supposed to have four teeth pulled – three wisdom and the broken one; I may still need to have one of those wisdoms done, depending on how close to the nerve it is, but for this week, I only had two out.

But with me out from work (talking for 8 hours a day is a total no no after this), it means I can actually get working on those things I have put off cause, well, I was working. Like this blog! And here’s the even awesomer part! This morning when I woke up, I received my official invite to try Sling TV. What’s Sling TV? In a nut shell, it’s a program that allows you to watch live TV without having a cable connection.

Or as I call it, finally something that I don’t have to get cable for!

I don’t have cable, as thousands of others have done, because first and foremost cable is expensive. Not even counting any Netflixadd ons, like internet or phone, cable can reach up to $200 alone. In fact, I don’t understand why people even still have cable. I assume they have children, but even then, we have the internet. Let me say that again – we. have. the. internet. Between Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon, why would you need cable? Oh right, you sports people. And even I want Game of Thrones if HBO would just let us have it.

But that’s what Sling TV is hoping to do. For years, cord cutters have gotten rid of cable, but would happily pay for the channels we want. I don’t watch sports on TV, so why I do I need 17 ESPN channels? I don’t! The same is said for someone who is gets loaded with all the Discovery channels (which I love); that’s the big problem with cable. With Sling TV, so far you get some of the popular channels, like ESPN, TBS, TNT, etc, and they’ve just added three additional packages for sports fans, kids, and those who like the news.

20150208_142921I started my free 7 day trial today and so far, not bad. As to be expected, there’s really nothing on in the middle of the afternoon (the screen is Return of the King on TBS), but I’m hoping Sunday nights will be a little better. It’s $20/month, with $5 extra if you get one of the additional packages. It’s still small, with other providers hopefully going to be added; I won’t lie. I would totally pay extra if I could get FX. For some reason, this channel doesn’t like anything on the ‘Nets cause it took forever for me to get both American Horror Story and Archer on Amazon Prime.

I haven’t decided about local channels yet, cause there’s Hulu, but I’d ditch Hulu if I could get the Comedy Central and BBC. What I do hope is that SlingTV will allow for individual choosing of channels – I love Boomerang, but not enough to include Disney Junior and some other kiddie stations. My basic package has Cartoon Network and Adult Swim (yay!), but I’d kinda like if there was Nickelodeon (if just for my Spongebob obsession) or even TV Land (or rather, what TV Land should be and that’s a channel full of classic tv from the 50s on, kinda like MeTV).

As for something boring to watch in the background while riding the vicodin, this could work. This week will totally show if I’m totally missing cable or if what I have now is still just as awesome.


About Writer 66

Writing since the age of seven, managed to get a job as a copy writer, while enjoying the unsung awesomeness as a creative fan fic writer.

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