Best Gifts for a Freelancer – Christmas 2014

Ahoy hoy! The countdown is almost over – only three more days until Christmas! And if you’re still trying to find that gift for your freelancer (or yourself), I am here to help! So you’ll remember a few weeks ago I mentioned the great Black Friday deal I got on a Windows 8.1 laptop; though I’m still learning the ins and outs, it’s actually much better than I thought it would be. And with that in mind, here’s your last minute gift ideas!

1. Cheap laptops

While you may get a better deal after Christmas, there’s still plenty of time to get laptops under $200 and under $500, especially if your freelancer just needs something portable when they are around and about. With some exceptions, whatever you get, you’ll be stuck with Windows 8 in some Thurrott Fig1 Surfacefashion, but if you get some choice, go with Windows 8.1. It’s by far the better of the two additions and there’s still rumors that those running it may get the free upgrade to Windows 10 next year.

Now these laptops aren’t high and fancy, but they are much thinner, lighter, and can handle a lot of work while on the go. I’ve actually found myself using my laptop a lot more than that of my desktop, which is normally my go to pc. Acer, Asus, and HP are the big names for the cheaper laptops this year, though Microsoft may still have deals going on their Surface tablets; if your freelancer wants to go complete tabtop, then the Surface 3 is the best bet, however keep in mind that the sticker price is without the keyboard (which kinda makes the promise of replacing a laptop rather ironic).

2. Portable desktopsAlienware Alpha

Recently a friend of mine finally got around to replacing his desktop and replaced it with a neat Alienware version. It’s the new Alienware Alpha, what should have been one of the new Steam gaming consoles from gaming hub Steam; the premise is to connect it to your TV (or monitor with HDMI connection) and then play games. As the company is still working on that, Dell – owners of Alienware – decided to just go ahead and release something similar, which is a nice little portable desktop computer.

Easily portable, the desktops come in four different flavors, with the differences being processor and storage space. My friend got the $599 version, which is currently on sale for $550, with comes with an i3 cpu and 500GB of storage. The overlay of the computer is Steam’s big picture, where you can play all of your Steam games; underneath is Windows 8.1, so you can do everything you’d do while on a pc – pull up a browser window, download programs, watch movies, etc. It’s really like having a living room pc, but in a portable, compat size.

This would work perfectly for when you or your freelancer needs to be away from home, like at a vacation house or housesitting.

3. Games

And speaking of Steam, you or your freelancer is probably aware that they’re currently having one of their ridiculous holiday sales. If you don’t know what Steam is, it’s a digital gaming site where you can purchase and download video games. Membership is free and you can gift, trade, and purchase videos, but current, big name, and retro classics as long as the games are in the company’s library. Valve is the company behind it, a company behind such hit games like Half-Life and Portal, and it’s a go to place for PC gamers.

Routinely, Steam has a massive sale just because and not right, they’re in the midst of a holiday sale until January 2nd; even freelancers need a break and if you have a gaming freelancer, especially one who plays PC games, getting them a nice Steam game from their wish list would be nice.

Of course, if your freelancer (or yourself) is more of a console gamer, then you’re still in luck. Both Playstation and Xbox are having sales of their console, with free gaming gifts; if you’re more of a Nintendo fan, they’ve got the Wii U dropping in price and is also bundled with a special game pack.

The good news is that all of this stuff can be found online, in case you’re hard pressed to get to a store three days before Christmas. Amazon Prime members can of course expect free shipping on items, but if you buy certain orders within a time frame, you can still get free shipping and your gifts before Christmas. If you’d rather wait until after Christmas, you can totally believe there’s gonna be some nice sales going on, so stay tuned!

EDIT – I almost forgot! If you’re a music lover, Spotify has a nice special to try their premium service for three months at .99 cents. This ends at the end of the month! Also, for your password protection, LastPass – a very popular password manager – is giving members the opportunity for two months free to try their premium version. This version lets you manage passwords on your tablets and smartphones. I got my offer in email, so check yours to see if you’ve gotten one!


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  1. Great – but how did the freelancer’s christmas wish list change in 2015? I’m trying to figure this out and therefor stared a blog carnival today:

    Would appreciate your participation. I will write a huge summary in December, naming and linking all participants.

    Best regards,

    • Hey, apologies for not seeing this until now! I actually was going to do a 2015 list, but it was pretty much of the same – laptops, specifically 2-in-1s were extremely popular (I bought one myself); smartphones continued to get better and bigger; and Steam had their ridiculous 2015 sale because of course they did. The big factor, somewhat, was really the introduction of Windows 10 and the fact that many people who got new computers were probably introduced to the new OS. I have a few posts about it and I may make a new one to mark six months to update how it’s working now.

      I would definitely enjoy participating in your wish list if you still have that going!

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