Best Gifts for a Freelancer – Cyber Monday 2014

Hey there, kids!

So you remember last year when I started that “best gifts” series for the freelancer in your life? The one that I never finished? Well, just in time for the next holiday, here we go! I have never been a fan of Black Friday, though I’m always down for some Cyber Monday goodness. Black Friday has always held a horrible disposition in my mind – people literally lined up at 10pm, rushing out of Thanksgiving in order to stand in line to be the first to get something that’s on sale, etc.

Cyber Monday was what I looked for, cause it meant I could do what I normally do and that’s shop online without the hassle of crowds and crazy people. This year, however, I couldn’t pass up a Black Friday deal, one that I know will also be on for tomorrow’s Cyber Monday.

A few weeks before, my roommate told me about a $99 laptop that was being sold at Best Buy. After investigating, it turns out it was actually Staples that had the laptop, but regardless, it was awesome. It was an ASUS X205 touch screen laptop, which for me, was exactly what I was looking for. Coming with Windows 8.1 (with Bing), 2GB of RAM, and a 32 SSD hard drive, it looked like a pretty good deal. The downside of this, was of course when I went to check on it on the actual Black Friday, I was dismayed to find that it had been snatched up the night before. But! Never fear, dear readers! If you’re looking to pick up some electronics for Christmas tomorrow, you still got a chance.

If you’re looking for cheap laptops, Amazon may be the place to be – the ASUS I mentioned was there for $139, which is $10 less than Staples Cyber Monday deal (assuming they have any; was told in store they may not even have any period for tomorrow). I did manage to find a replacement over at Target that was probably the better deal – I ended up getting a Acer E11 ultrabook for around $150, which was about $50 down from it’s usual $199. Same specs as the ASUS, but I must have lucked out because I got one with a 250GB hard drive, which actually works better than a 32GB.

Remember – Windows 8.1 takes up at least 20 gigs alone, as well as my installing Office 365 and other things (like Chrome, Drive, etc). That now leaves me with 195GB of storage versus the poultry 5GB I may gotten with the other laptop. So far, I’m liking it, though there does seem to be some lag whenever I try to do more than like two things at once, probably due to the 2GB of memory; good news however. I learned that I can upgrade the memory to 8GB if I wanted.

Because I was trying so hard to look for a tabtop/2 in 1, I did look up some stuff on those. The Surface 2 is going for a good price over at the Microsoft Store – their Black Friday deals are still going, with the Surface 2 now at $299. This was the powerhouse ‘laptop replacement’ that Microsoft was trying to dress up (before the Surface 3). A good tablet for sure, thought make sure that if you plan on getting this for your freelancer or yourself, that it does not – repeat DOES NOT – come with a keyboard, because like any good laptop you have to buy that separately. Touch covers are $129.

Amazon is of course doing Cyber Monday; they’ve been doing Black Friday since the week before and it seems to  be continuing for Monday as well. They of course have everything on sale, but in electronics, they’ve got some good things going, like their Fire tablets. My roommate got his father one a few years back and he absolutely loves it. The new Fire 7 HD is now $30 off, making it $107; if you’re looking to get the Fire Phone, it’s now available unlocked for $199.

Sadly it looks like the two laptops I looked at are now back to their original pricing of $179 and $189, but that’s when I checked today. And that’s just at Amazon – Walmart, Target, and Best Buy also have some good deals going on, including tvs, monitors, tablets, phones, etc and with them, you can probably order online and go pick it up at the store when it arrives.

As much as I have never liked Black Friday, this year it actually worked in my favor. Cyber Monday is tomorrow and it’ll be interesting to see what other things pop up. I would be remiss of course in not mentioning that your freelancer or you need to have some time to yourself once in awhile, so if you’re a gamer – XBOX One’s are also on sale, coming with some nice little bundles, the Wii U last I looked also had a bundle going on and the ridiculousness that is the Steam Winter Sale will be in effect until Tuesday.



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