Summertime Blues or The Time Gina Went Looking for an Internship

Bueno, loyal readers!

Well, it’s official – I am thirty-five years and twelve days old today. I know, right? If you remember my last post, my birthday was just looming ahead and with that, I decided I would do the grown up thing and pick a career and a career I did pick – technical writing/communication. It’s perfect really – I of course love writing, as you know, and I’m a big geek when it comes to technology and I have of course done my fair share of articles and reviews within the technology sphere.

The downside to this is of course that full-time job I have. It also works, as it’s in technical support (which can help with tech writing), but it’s summer and that means getting less hours and less monies. You all know I loves me some monies, so losing hours is kinda not cool, but as you freelancers will know, you can’t just stop when one project stops – you keep going and in this post my friends, I’m gonna talk to you about internships. If anyone of you have ever watched a television show or movie, you’ve probably seen the lowly intern – the poor guy or gal who goes out fetching coffee for the office, makes copies, runs errands, etc. Basically the idea of an internship is not appealing, right?

While the idea that internships are horrible excuses to pick on the new kid just starting out, they actually are a good way to break into the business that you’re looking for. And luckily for me, internships aren’t just for high schoolers or college kids – anyone could theoretically get into an internship program; for most, the ideal that you’re a student is helpful than if you’re just someone looking to switch jobs or careers – internships can provide class credit, which can be great if you’re hoping to get something when you leave school. More importantly, an internship allows the importance of getting experience, which as many of us know the troubles of trying to get job experience without having the job.

So in my quest to find some experience, I’ve gone looking for an internship.

What Happens in Hollywood, Should Probably Stay in Hollywood

We all know that what happens in Hollywood is never what really happens in real life, right? The image of the sad, picked on guy or gal is a prominent feature in the role of lower lackey. Think Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada, the brunt of the anger that a manager or owner lashes out at; or for a positive spin, think of the squinterns on the TV show Bones. For me – and many others – the importance of just getting the experience of the business is justified if you have to get someone a cup of coffee every once in a while.

Should Freelancers Consider Internships?

The answer to that is yes, depending on where you are in your freelancing career. Certainly, if you’re a beginning freelancer like I was, definitely check out internships, especially if you’re in school and freelancing on the side. If you know that you want to learn more about social media networking or writing more for mobile devices, an internship is the perfect way to get your foot in the door and in some cases, you may actually be hired on to the company, thus becoming an employee.

Internships are of course better served if you’re in school, because of the credit and of course the prospect of getting a job once you leave school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in them. There are of course businesses that look to hiring interns, regardless of schooling, though you’ll need to know where to look. I’ve found that actually has a pretty good listing for internships of all shapes and sizes and of course the major job boards always have an area for internships that have been put up.

Job Boards Aren’t the Only Place

As with any job search, don’t limit yourself to just the job boards. For instance, in speaking to a friend of mine, I happened to remember that he’s a software developer working on a project that had a user guide; I approached him with the idea of helping him update not only the user guide, but updating the release notes as well. The reason? Simple, I need the experience and what better experience in technical writing then to basically do what my class and learning says to do – learn from the subject matter expert, project manager, and quality assurance departments, which in my case is my friend. That just goes to show you that networking always comes into play.

Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll knock some wood for you in the search for your next position.


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