In A Galaxy…Near You…Came a Phone!

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Okay, first – I’m sorry. I am, really. You know how real life gets me and I have to do that and then come back here, but more on that later. Important, awesome news, which actually does relate to that series I started back in December. So, if you’ll remember, I was doing a list of some of the best gifts you should consider when thinking about your freelancer. Well, as of this post, let’s just consider this the start of our phone and app section, yes?

And why, Gina, are you thinking of starting this new section? Well, it’s cause I just bought a new phone. So you may remember that I had a Galaxy Nexus 3, which I enjoyed immensely, but as with all cell phones and technology, after a while it wasn’t working the way it should. Two resets later, still wasn’t happening, so went on the search for a phone. Seeing as the new trend is crazy big phones that don’t fit into your hand, I had to figure out what kind of phone I wanted. I don’t use my phone to call people anymore; I used to, but as the office manager for a computer consulting firm, I had to text techs and the boss and co-workers, etc and that made my little flip phone a pain.

I also tend to use my phone as a music player, video game console, and a camera. As a freelancer, that list expanded to checking/replying/sending email, being able to have video conferences if that called for it, etc. Do you know a freelancer like this?

There are several different phones you can check/recommend to your freelancer, but the one I went with was the Galaxy Note 2. Back in 2011, Samsung introduced the original Note, with the Note 2 debuting a year later; just recently, the Note 3 hit the shelves. The Note series is what help to introduce the ‘phablet’ – a phone with some of the capabilities of a tablet, including a bigger than normal size.

What made the Note 2 special? Well, as a writer, the concept of a pen – that allows for handwriting on a variety of different programs/apps – was intriguing. While I enjoyed using my cell phone for a lot of things, I still like using a pen and paper every now and then; the ability to quickly have an idea and be able to write it down, was awesome.

Fast forward to last month when I started thinking about a new phone and my ideas on having a phablet changed. I did at some point want a tablet (still on the shelf on a tabtop), so I figured a cross between wouldn’t be too bad, right? But what about the gigantic size?

Surprising, at 5.5 inches for the screen, the phone is big, but not as huge as I was expecting. The software allows for one-handed configuration, for either left or right-handed folks, however I think using two hands to type is better. Thanks to Google, readding my apps was easy enough and Samsung has some neat ones on their own.

So as writer, let me tell you about the S pen, which is the pen that comes with all of the Note phones. So what can you do with it? A lot apparently, including taking notes; Samsung include an app caused S Note, where you can take notes with the S Pen. Not only that, but there’s Air View, where you can use the pen to hover over something and you’ll get some quick info without having to open it (like email, pictures, etc).

While default apps are great, obviously being able to use your own is better, so I’ve been testing this on Evernote, my preferred note taking app. The handwriting ability is…eh. It did a decent job of picking up the words I wrote, but it missed a couple that were pretty easy. However, when doing a text and putting in info, it worked a good 85%.

Battery life, so far, is incredibly awesome to max. Lately, I’ve been using my phone to play Spotify in the background while working and on my Nexus, it would last for about the first four, maybe five hours of my shift and then I would need to charge it, but then it would die out at the end. The Note 2, as of today, has been great. On wi-fi, with alerts for G+, Google Now, email, and other things, Spotify ran seven hours and I still have 69% left (down from about the 75 I after I got off work).

The camera I’m not sold on yet, but then again, I’m still playing with all of the settings that come with the thing. As I got my phone unlocked, I made sure to get one that has 4G/LTE capability and I can report full bars when using it. The big push came when I discovered that the Note 2 is set to receive the newest Android OS, that of Kit Kat, which means even though I purchased a two-year phone, I will soon receive the latest update for it; within a few hours of having, I went from the shipped 4.1 to that of 4.3, which makes the TouchWiz even faster when switching through screens. The size will put off anyone that’s using the phone as an actual phone, but the included headphone or a purchasing a blue tooth headset should negate that; there’s also speakerphone, should your freelancer be sitting in front of a computer and typing at the same time.

So far, I’m enjoying the new phone and am looking forward to testing in every possible way – games look fantastic with the HD resolution and a test of reading a book from Google Books was great. Check it out as a possible consideration for your freelancer.


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