Geek Week!

I’ve been crazy busy with the new job and working on a database project with a friend of mine that it was totally time to chill out and have some fun.

The Arizona State Fair was happening last weekend and the big thing I wanted to go see what that of the Star Trek Experience; it had been something that we had all checked out when we were in Vegas back in the college days, but I didn’t remember actively going in to actually see it. This time of course, I was all prepared. 

My friend/roommate and I took the drive up to Phoenix and spent an exorbitant amount of money to get into the fair, plus the experience ticket, but it was actually cool inside. If you’ve been or seen the Star Trek exhibit, it’s basically a showcase of information, props, and costumes that cover the entire run of all of the shows and the movies. A big highlight was a giant timeline that showcased the show from the very beginning, with the first voyage of the USS Enterprise with then captain Christopher Pike and goes all the way to the recent reboot sequel of Into Darkness, combining this alt timeline with that of the established one from the shows and all the movies.

Of all the souls I've known, his was the most human

Of all the souls I’ve known, his was the most human

On the props side, there’s the Mark IV photon torpedo that was used for Spock’s burial at the end of Wrath of Khan, as well as phasers, communicators, and even the captains’ chairs themselves. Oddly enough, the biggest prop there – besides getting a picture of yourself on the bridge for $15 – was the Romulan cruiser from Nemesis; the thing that Picard and Data escape in when what’s his name was holding them prisoner.

I know, it took a bit for me to remember it as well.

All of that was awesome, but of course this type of thing dictates that I take something away – I got a model of the Enterprise and a TNG poster. I still don’t think that the Enterprise is as sturdy as the X Wing that I have, but with some super glue, I did manage to make it stand up and the nacelles from falling off.

Now ready to boldly go on my desk

Now ready to boldly go on my desk

But I did say this was a week, so while Star Trek started my week, it was the arrival of my Stormtrooper robe that helped to push it along. Yes, you read right – I bought a robe that is fashioned to look like a Stormtrooper. If there had been a Vader robe, I would’ve jumped on it.

This was the cup of coffee I was looking for

This was the cup of coffee I was looking for


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