The Trouble with Creatives

As my portfolio proudly states, I am a creative. Obviously, if you haven’t noticed the amount of writing I’ve seem to have done throughout forever and time. As many of us creatives know, there comes a time in which our own sense of unique talent gets in the way and is in direct conflict with our sense of enjoyment. Case in point…

Earlier this week, one of my roommates showed me the video (following the post) of the kid who thought quickly on his feet after his cymbals broke in the middle of his band’s performance of the National Anthem. Now of course, this video is supposed to be enjoyed as a young kid faced with a problem in the middle of a performance and trying to figure out what to do next (performers, you know what I mean).

Unfortunately, as a former band member myself, I could not just stand there, watch, and be amused; why? Because the brass section is out of tune. As a band member – and trumpet player – the horrible out of tuneness of the band completely distracted me from the funniness of the video. It drove me nuts (still drives me nuts), especially when this wasn’t the first time. Since about college, I’ve also been able to pick out the standard I-IV-V-I chord progression in most songs (re: many, many songs).

Am I nuts?

So I posed the question to my Facebook peeps, who are also most of my band/choir peeps. And apparently, no, it’s not just me. Something has been ingrained in us to pick out the subtle change of key, chord progressions, and of course, when the band is out of tune. Of course, for musicians, this makes sense; hearing is everything (unless we’re Beethoven), but what about other creatives?

For instance, do photographers feel a chill in their spine when they see a horrible picture? Do painters throw up a little in their mouths when they can easily see mistakes in paintings?

I know that writers will turn into Grammar Nazis when it comes to text speak (and yes, I admit to doing this); I’ve even turned on myself when I go back and re-read some of my work and find easily correctable mistakes that I should have caught when I wrote the thing in the first place.

So how about it, creatives? Are you ingrained to pick out mistakes without meaning to?



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