Should I Get a Portfolio? SUMMER EDITION

In my last post, I asked the question that I’m sure many writers ask themselves – should I get a portfolio? Portfolios are


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a great visual way to show potential clients what you’ve done in your particular line of work; and with that said, most portfolio designs are geared towards that of the photographer or the designer, usually not the writer.


That’s all changing. Thanks to the Internet and in part, the Great Recession, more and more people are looking for and creating online content, whether it be guest blogging, copywriting, articles, etc. In fact, over the last few years, freelancing/consulting has risen in terms of providing employers quick and temporary employees and freelancers the ability to make extra money on the side.


So last time, I was trying to decide if I wanted to use one or not and I went with the free area at It’s a really nice site and the free version allows for you to set up a portfolio with images and videos, though there is a limit to how many. This worked out for me and then, as my welcome back again post mentioned, the stars aligned and so did my website, blog, and portfolio.


WordPress Portfolio


With my website moving over to WordPress, I once again began to consider getting an actual portfolio. While I liked Carbonmade, it was a bit bland. Obviously, it was free, so my features were limited. And then I made a discovery – WordPress had gone and made a portfolio area, where they showcased some of their best portfolio and resume themes. What does mean? Well folks, it means if you’re looking to do a portfolio, for free, but have some input in your design, WP might be the place to go.


The New Gina Portfolio


Of course, because the Freelancer R blog is hosted on WordPress and my website was also coming over here, it made sense to try and have all three entities in the same place. So I decided to try it out. I checked out a couple of different themes before settling on Ryu, a simple and clean theme meant for bloggers – as the site claims – but obviously holding a lot more potential than just that. Here’s what I’m calling Portfolio 2.0 (you can also check it out in the menu)


The Writer’s Portfolio


So I made my decision to go with WordPress and I picked my theme; it was time to start telling people what I did. Now again, as a writer, I’ve got all sorts of written work and trying to figure out to display that was, I’ll admit, time consuming. Sure, I could’ve just uploaded a resume or typed up my skills (I did both), but just as photographers and designers what people to see the work they’ve done, it made sense for me to do the same.


And, because this is a blog about becoming and being a freelancer, I’m gonna share these little tidbits with you, my readers. Reader…whoever is out there right now reading this (which I hope is you)


1. Post Formats


If you’ve used WordPress or planning to use WordPress, one of the changes they made a while back was to have post formats. These are geared for displaying posts in a different form for each different post you have. So for instance, if you have a bunch of pictures to show, the gallery format is best. Now, as a writer, you could use the quote format, which will make quotes out of that post. This is great, because you can entice clients with the words you’ve written; make sure you link to the article or what have you!


I decided to go the gallery format and made thumbnails of a lot of articles I’ve done. The goal was to put them in sections, such as articles and reviews or blog posts; and then the true scale of how much I’ve written reared its ugly head.


I’ll tell you more about that next post…




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