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Once More Onto the Breach!


It’s that time, once again.

Lunch time? Tool time? Hammer Time? Peanut Butter Jelly Time?

No to all four, though they would be the bestest times ever. No friends, it’s that time again for the job hunt. I hate job searching, I really do, and it doesn’t matter if it’s online or off, I just hate it. Why? Well, other than the time consumption that it takes to rework a resume or portfolio, searching relevant (or non relevant) job opportunities, to the constant waiting and wondering if the ideal job you applied for will respond back, the whole thing is tedious.

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The Portfolio Experience


English: WordPress Logo

English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the last post I started to tell you how I created a portfolio in WordPress and came to the conclusion that I write too much. Obviously, I’m a writer, that’s what I do, but when creating this portfolio I realize just how much I had written and for how many people.

The Writer’s Dilemma

So I made little thumbnails for the articles I wanted to showcase and decided that because most of them are in article format anyway, I’d make it easier and go by topic, like technology or video games. You guys, one never knows how much stuff they have done until they look back upon it. That actually sounds profound, doesn’t it? Read the rest of this entry

Should I Get a Portfolio? SUMMER EDITION

In my last post, I asked the question that I’m sure many writers ask themselves – should I get a portfolio? Portfolios are


English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


a great visual way to show potential clients what you’ve done in your particular line of work; and with that said, most portfolio designs are geared towards that of the photographer or the designer, usually not the writer. Read the rest of this entry

Finally! Summer Has Returned to Denver!

Hello, hello readers!Awesome


I know, I know – I left you in the lurch again, but this time I swear I have the perfect excuse. As you may have heard, I lost my job, but then I got another one! But then that one ended, so I got another, and…well, you can see how this goes. Such as the life of a freelancer!

But the good news is thus – I’m back AND I’ve made some updates!

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