No Internet and No Video Games Makes Gina Something Something

Hello Freelancer R readers!

Where the heck have you been? you say.

On a journey, my friends. On a journey. As you may remember, two months ago I was laid off from my job as office manager, but was able to find a contact position with a PR firm in California, doing what I have wanted to do for a while now – social media work. It’s actually pretty awesome and you can bet when I got it, my problems had been solved because I needed to find a place to live.

Well, I have achieved that and right under the wire too. That, I did not like, however the folks I now live with are kinda cool, with one exception. See, in any normal circumstance, I would have been looking for a new place to live four months before I had to move out; I like being able to find some place, go look at it, look over finances, etc. Of course, with the layoff, I needed to find work first, which took time.

Needless to say, right as it was looking like I’d need to live in a U-Haul storage center, I found a nice house to live in, with rent and utilities split four ways with three other people. However, as I have stated as the title of this new post, there is a problem – there’s no Internet.

And by no Internet, I mean there was no connection to speak of. No one, even the 23 year old, thought it important to put that in place.

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I fully understand that our lives today are essentially glued, tied, and feathered to the mysterious Internet. If we aren’t on our computers, we’re on our smartphones and when not on the smartphone, we’re on the tablet. And there are times, certainly, when I get tired of staring at a computer screen or even my smartphone screen and despite the fact that I still want a Microsoft Surface – I think we can guess why I wasn’t able to get that when I wanted – I will want to get away from all that.

But see, being a social media assistant manager and a freelance writer kinda means that I need to be able to be online. I can’t do tweets and Facebook posts without the Internet and while writing up stuff in Word can be great, can’t get the article online with that, you know. The job aside, there’s another reason why not having the Internet sucks.

Video games.

See, I use video games as a way of getting out frustrations and stress. Trying to find a place to live and the ultimately moving, created a lot of stress; add in the utter incompetence of the US postal service with sending me my mail, including my security deposit and I’m a woman on the edge. As Homer Simpson once brilliantly stated, my urge to kill is rising.

No worries, faithful fans, I’m not going to go on some crazy killing spree in reality; that’s what video games are for. But without the Internet, I can’t go about mindlessly killing skeletal warriors or zombies in Diablo III or the force of dark sided Jedi in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

On a brighter side, if our satellite televisions provider is to be believed, all of my problems will be solved coming this Tuesday. Until then, I’ll just have to…I don’t know. I hope nothing like the scenes in the video take place; that could be bad and really bust up my day.


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