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Should I Get a Portfolio?

Hello friends!

Sorry for the lateness, again, but there’s good news abound! I have, for the moment, a job! And it’s actually putting to use my obsession with social media. So hooray for that. But that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about.

In my most recent job search, as well as my trying to decide what I wanted to do this time around, I came across a very important question – should I, as a freelance writer, have a portfolio? Read the rest of this entry


Learning and Charging as a Freelancer

I start this new post with the sad news that I lost my job a few weeks ago; this of course means no Surface and of course the next month of struggling. I have effectively cancelled Christmas!

There is some good in all of this however – how, you may ask?

What do you mean you wouldn’t ask? Well ask now, damn it!

How Gina? Read the rest of this entry