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Welcome again, readers, to another edition of how NOT to be! In this series, we take a look at some of the big things of news and show you, the newly minted freelancer, how not to be the company or individual. This week…a disclaimer. I want to take this time to caution the Mac and Apple fan girls and boys about coming after me with torches. I know that the sacred Steve Jobs can’t be touched and he’s your holy man, but…this had to be done.

Oh, Apple. Apple, Apple, Apple. Look, I’m not anti-Apple in the sense I don’t like the products – I grew up on Macs back in the days when computers were the newest thing and certainly, Apple makes some quality products, however at some point the stellar company became…well…

If you haven’t heard, Apple’s been going around suing people for daring to use their invented form of a square piece of plastic that holds electronics, which can then display icons on the interface display. But Apple’s big target was that of Samsung, the South Korean company known for its stellar smartphones, and the fight was ugly. So how can you, the little freelancer, rise above the nastiness that has painted the fruit computer company?

Read on.

1. Backhanded Apology

So after Apple declared that Samsung had copied all of their iThings, a UK court came back and said, “No they didn’t” and like a fed up parent, told Apple to apologize. And Apple, like any three year old who’s been forced to eat all of their dinner before a tasty dessert, threw a temper tantrum, throwing their food against the wall and falling to the floor in a screaming, crying fit. The first “apology” they issued was so filled with righteous snark, the British courts actually came back and made them apologize again. Apology number two came about, Apple reluctantly deciding it would take a century to put up a new one because apparently they aren’t aware of how uploads work, was put up and Apple tried to hide the ‘sincere’ apology in code that made users have to find it.

It’s safe to say that freelancers, when met with the task of having to fix mistakes that happen, need to suck it up and just fix issues. If a client drops you for some reason, ask why and then do what you can to fix it. And don’t tell them it’ll take two weeks to do it (unless you’re a programmer).

2. Bullying

Let’s face it – if you don’t think Apple is becoming the new school bully, you’re obviously hiding from them or you’re a part of the bully group. Again, Apple makes some good products. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad changed the whole face of the game and Apple should be proud of that. However, going after people because it can is just douchey.

Take for instance the audacity that Apple had to sue a Polish grocery store because their name was; the reason being that Apple was afraid that people would confuse a grocery store site – in which the domain is .pl – with that of their site. Because apparently Apple thinks we’re morons.

Whether you’re online or off, bullying is still bullying. If you get immense pleasure from causing other people pain, then there is something wrong with you. Seriously. It goes without saying that for freelancers, copyrights are important, of course, but before you go out and try suing people, make sure you’re suing for the right cause and reasons.

I want to end this by again stating I’m not anti-Apple, however stuff like this really does put me off Apple as a whole (among other things). Apple’s getting a big too big for its britches here and some have gone so far as stating the company is headed down the same path that hindered RIM and Nokia, where their arrogance and too big to fail attitudes have since buried them.


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  1. I am reading Steve Jobs’ biography, and he, like his company as you have observed, was a class-act, card carrying bully, so it seems to be a top-down thing in that company. It drives me nuts when big companies like that pick on the little guy (the thing is inexcusable). I think that Apple can also be seen as a passive bully, by not letting their OS jive with so many other programs or applications. But, people like their stuff, so as long as that is the case, they will be a big kid on the block…often times with fists up.

    • Completely agree. Again, Apple makes a good product, however this notion that they were inventors and creators isn’t really true; they basically took a concept and made it better. For that, yes, they revolutionized the tablet and smartphone industry. But, as you mentioned, the bigger they got it seems that they thought they were too big to fail, too big to sink.

      Like the Titanic.

      And as other articles have reported, the same thing happened to RIM. Remember when Blackberrys were the go to phone for anyone in business?

      Thanks for the comment!

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