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Surface RT - Hero Outside

Surface RT – Hero Outside (Photo credit: andyi)

If you don’t know or haven’t heard, Microsoft has been trailing behind in the tablet war, being left in the dust by both Google and Apple and finally, they decided that perhaps this tablet thing was something that seemed to have merit. Their introduction of Windows 8, the new operating system, has also been in development and beta testing for at least a year before the official announcements, allowing users to come in and play around.

Yes, I plan on buying a Surface, this upcoming weekend as a matter of fact and as a freelancer, I’m gonna tell you why I plan on buying it and why freelancers may want to take a look at it as well.

What the Heck is a Microsoft Surface?

First and foremost, if you haven’t heard about it, the Surface is Microsoft’s answer to the iPad and Android tablets, specifically the Galaxy Nexus 7 (and the newly revealed Nexus 10).

Surface RT? Windows 8? Windows Pro? What the hell??

If you have heard about the Surface, you’re probably and understandably confused about the designations. Every reviewer has been going on and on about the RT and the Pro and Windows 8; there’s even reports that Microsoft’s own store employees don’t know the difference. So here it is –

Windows 8 – new operating system from Microsoft for PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Surface RT – the introductory tablet, that’s just that. A tablet.

Surface Pro – the high end ultrabook like tablet. It’s a tabtop.

The Surface RT review

Before I start this, let me just say that this is just part one of a real user’s experience with the Surface RT. Not only a real user, but that of a freelancer and someone who works in an office. I currently do not own a Surface RT, but I am going to buy one. I have, however, played on a Surface RT and have done enough homework to make the decision of whether or not I wanted to buy one.

Here are the big things that you may have heard about the Surface RT so far –

  • Not enough apps
  • Doesn’t run legacy apps
  • Doesn’t run legacy programs
  • Too expensive
  • Windows 8 too confusing

Not Enough Apps

Upon release, the Windows Store only had about 5,000 apps or so that could be downloaded. First and foremost, that’s to bee expected when first introducing a new product; as other reviewers have mentioned, neither Apple nor Google had a ton of apps when their tablets and smartphones were first introduced. The store will get bigger, so chill out.

I will say that I hate the fact that you can only view the Windows Store if you’re running a Windows 8 device. That is a huge downside for me; you can easily view the Apple Store and Google Play Store without having these devices. A bit sneaky on Microsoft’s part.

Doesn’t run legacy apps/programs

This has been the big confusion for everyone. Let me be clear from what I’ve read and seen – the Microsoft Surface RT is a tablet. Let me say that again. The Microsoft Surface RT is a tablet; if you’re looking to run Corel, Photoshop, World of Warcraft or anything that would require the power of a desktop or laptop, you’re gonna want to wait for the Surface Pro.

Too Expensive

Absolutely. Absolutely, this thing is too expensive. It’s cheaper than an iPad, but for $199, $299, you could easily buy about three Nexus’. What would make me buy this then? One word – Office.

Windows 8 is Too Confusing

Windows 8 is completely different from your mom’s Windows, that’s for sure. The Metro tiles are going to throw people, however I will tell you this as someone who played with both a tablet and a laptop running 8 and from others using 8 – it’s definitely made for touch. Honestly, I’ve changed my mind at upgrading from Windows 7 to 8 because of this.

So there’s your tidbit of information about the Surface. Stay tuned next week as I buy the Surface and take it for a ride, both personal and professional.


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