How NOT To Be….Microsoft

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The day has finally arrived for Microsoft, early Thursday, a day before the actual listed date. What was the special day? Well, readers, unless you’ve been living in a cave – in which case, where did you get the computer to read this? And how are you getting Internet? – the new Windows 8 operating system and tablet, the Surface, have come into the world.

Last night, I got my promo code for the sweet update from Windows 7 to that of 8 and I have to tell you…I’m a bit apprehensive about it. There have been some big negative reviews about this new, radical notion from M$ on going from radical software to design brilliance on hardware. But how can you, the busy freelancer, learn to not be like Microsoft?

Did Not Do the Research

As freelancers, there is going to be a fair amount of research that needs to be done before we hand in our writing assignment to an editor or site. Yes, it can be time consuming, especially if you’re going with a topic you don’t have experience on, but there’s where the good and profitable freelancers grow and the others fail.

See, Microsoft didn’t do the research or rather, they didn’t do a very good job of researching. First and foremost, the big backlash coming from reviewers and the like is that M$ designed a mobile operating system for computers, which is ironic as they did the opposite (designed a PC OS for mobile devices) a few years ago. The new Windows 8 interface (the Metro titles) really are cool and make so much more sense on touch devices.

Which for most people are tablets and smartphones. How many people, really, own touch PCs? And there in lies the problem.

To add to that, M$ decided to remove Windows Media Center because they felt that no one was actually using it. Well, except for those people who have turned their PCs into home theaters or HTPC users. And obviously, there are a lot of them or else Roku and XMBC or any of the other devices that are built for the purpose of using one’s computer (usually a desktop) to watch TV would be out of business. For some reason, these people don’t want to watch a movie or TV show on a 7 in or 10 in device.

Weird, right?

Big Expectations

Analysts are rolling the dice or rather, stating that M$ is rolling the dice with this new OS. Many are calling it the prettier version of Windows 7 with all the awesomeness that wasn’t Windows Vista.

As with anything, freelancers obviously have to roll the dice on accepting which articles or which clients to go for. Sometimes though, we get a bit lofty and start aiming for the stars and shoot clear past Mars.

It’s the age old, ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’; M$ really wants you to upgrade to Windows 8, really really really badly apparently. Instead of, say, just introducing Windows 8 and the Surface to the mobile market and then tying it in with those of us on Windows 7, they’re going all out and hoping that everyone, consumers and businesses, are going to hop on the Win 8, completely forgetting that people – and in that, I mean businesses – are still jumping off the XP bus and on to 7.

As freelancers, especially new ones, we want to show our loyalty – kinda like we did when we had that old 9-5 job – and of course, we want work. But sticking with that one client or that one site can be devastating  Trust me, I know; when Bright Hub dropped nearly their entire writing staff, I was one of them and I lost a huge chunk of revenue. Luckily, I had other sites, but they were my money makers and when I was let go, my money was lost.

Time will tell how Win 8 will work out, but M$ is always good at showing us lessons we need to learn.


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