How NOT To Be…Facebook, part I

Hello, faithful reader!

So a few posts ago I said that I would be starting a new series here on Freelancer R called “How NOT To Be”, with the purpose being learning from the mistakes of the big guys in business so that you, the freelancer, don’t fall in to one of their traps.

To start the series, let’s talk about Facebook, shall we? The big giant of the social networks, Facebook is no stranger to pissing off their users. If they aren’t trying to push new features on us that we don’t want, they’re constantly breaking their own security protocols, leaving users to try and figure how to reset their security settings for the seven hundred and fiftieth time.

But, as I read once, as much as we hate Facebook, as Peter Cerera said, it’s a hard habit to break. 750 million people apparently cannot break Facebook, however after the fiasco a few weeks, many have started to try.

At the end of June, Facebook users awoke to the fact that their normal email addresses that were on Facebook had been changed over to Facebook’s email. The thought was to give people an email for the site for better communication; what it did was piss people off. Luckily, many tech sites are helping folks get their email addresses from the clutches of Facebook, but the move was kinda dicky for the social network.

How does this relate to being a freelancer? By reviewing what Facebook did and not doing it yourself.

1. Not Taking Client’s Preference into Account

The whole issue with Facebook changing email on people isn’t about email, it’s about Facebook inserting their rule over their users. Many people happened to like having their own email address on Facebook; that’s called having a choice. In dealing with clients, the last thing you want to do is change something on a client without taking their feedback into the idea.

2. Not Bothering to Get Client Feedback

Another issue that Facebook faces with this latest change is that they didn’t bother to ask us – the users – whether we wanted this or not. This has been a trend with Facebook lately, first with timeline and now this; now FB has claimed they told users about this – months ago. Can you see where Facebook has become Failbook here? Let me illuminate – first FB didn’t bother to ask or have an option for users to keep or switch emails, then they didn’t bother to announce the change immediately before it happened.

Part Two of this will continue, with the addition of how to not care like Facebook and how to make it nearly impossible to change back to what you wanted.

Stay Tuned!


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