Cloud Test – My Move from SkyDrive to Google Drive

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This weekend’s post was going to be about Facebook‘s complete ignorance of what their users want, but instead I find myself at a little before 4am trying to get the files I uploaded to SkyDrive so I can update my website. So I decided – why not tell the beginning ‘lancers out there what’re some good cloud storage options?

You’ll find many comparisons in regards to Microsoft’s SkyDrive platform and that of the new Google Drive, which replaced Docs. Here’s one freelancer’s story of using both and why, after this morning, I’m making the complete switch.

The Beginning

Back in Tucson when I was the office manager for the computer company, SkyDrive was still Folder Sync, but a great way to keep folders synced across multiple computers. This was especially great when the office moved towards more remote work, which meant I worked from home. Being a writer and using more than two computers (desktop, laptop, and remote work PC), being able to keep my files with me was great.

So what changed? Well, I moved. As in, out of state. Twice. The first move wasn’t too bad, as I just had my desktop, but when I moved from Denver to Virginia, that’s where things got tricky.

Here are just a few reasons why I made the complete switch –

Easier Access

There is of course an alternative reason for me to be up at three in the morning, but as long as I was up, I decided to update the site, which I should have done yesterday. I have a lot of my writings within SkyDrive and since the new user interface, I haven’t been able to find anything from the web access site.

The problem is that SkyDrive defaults to the folder listing and of course, only shows documents, spreadsheets, or photos. It does not show any HTML, which of course is what some of writings are in (as they were taken from the now defunct My Fav Shows site). The easiest time I have is when I am able to actively go into folders, like say from my PC. This of course works when I have…my PC.

Does not work when trying to utilize the website.

Ergo, I spend fifteen, twenty minutes looking for the sync folders page, just so I can see the folders and listings that don’t show on the default page.

Why Google Drive is Better

Simple. I can find what I want, when I want. All the folders I’ve decided to sync show up as such, in both the desktop version, web version, and Android version (another reason why I’m making the jump; SkyDrive is not offered for Android phones).

Did I mention I also get offline access?


Obviously both of these cloud storage areas are integrated into their perspective platforms, however Google does it better. When I had a Windows smartphone, I could really only view some of the files I had on SkyDrive and that was if I opened a browser within the phone and went there. Again, only documents would show, meaning I couldn’t see if that zip file I synced had showed up or not.

Why Google is Better

Google pretty much integrates with all of their services. I could access a document in Gmail or G+ if I truly wanted; then there’s the mobile app. Again, as a writer, I’m prone to want to re-read things on the go or just read over something again. I can do that with Drive, not with SkyDrive.

Next up – the professional spectrum and how that works.


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