Cloud Test – My Move from SkyDrive to Google Drive, II

Windows Live SkyDrive

Windows Live SkyDrive (Photo credit: 阿國)

So in page one, I stated that I was going complete Google fangirl and moving over to Google Drive from SkyDrive permanently. Being able to easily few what I’ve uploaded, as well as the ability to access on my smartphone (and hopefully eventual tablet) also helped in the decision.

The final nail was hit when dealing in my new job position as office manager for Assisted Transition.

The Professional Side

Let’s start by discussing this aspect in the terms of freelancing. Both services obviously allow you to view and even edit your files from any computer, anywhere. This of course is paramount for a freelancer, because it means we don’t need to be tethered to our home offices or whatever it is you work.

Now, as should happen, you’re working on an article or web design on say your laptop and then plan on tweaking it when you get home to your desktop with its large monitor. Which service do you think will let you continue where you left off? The technical answer is both, however personally I think Google does a better job of it.

Case in point – I have had and lost internet service while using both sites – Google was a bit faster at regaining a connection and saving where I left off. But more importantly, as a hobbied web designer, Drive is the only one here that allows you to view Photoshop files.

Now in a business sense, while yes most companies utilize both Windows and the Microsoft Office suite, not everyone may be on the same version. My boss and I, for example, use two different versions of office. In terms of using Google Drive, another great thing as I can still sync my personal drive while viewing my work one.

There is a downside to that, which I heard Google is working on – obviously, many of us Googlites have more than one Google account. I discovered the other day that you can only have one Drive account on the desktop version, which of course is annoying and trust me, bad things come about when you try having two.

I’m not sure when I became such a fangirl for Google (petition is pending on getting me a Google endorsement), but ultimately when I think about it, it makes sense to be concise in using the suite over the others. As freelancers, does this mean no more work on our computers?

Absolutely not and I push you all to make sure you have backups upon backups to ensure you don’t lose anything of importance (kinda like when I did that dual Drive thing). However, regardless of which one you choose, make sure you make the most of it. And these aren’t the only ones – there’s Dropbox, Sugar Sync, etc.

What about you, loyal reader? Which would or do you prefer – SkyDrive or Google Drive? Let me know with some comments!


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