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The Freelance Worker – How to Freelance While Working Corporate

So many freelancers traded their day jobs for the freedom that freelancing delivers that some corporate jobs don’t. For many of these guys and gals, they left their high paying corporate jobs in order to do their dream job – whether it be freelance writing, freelance web design, programming, etc, the idea of being able to work for yourself and doing what you love is appealing to everything that makes us human.

But along with that, many of these same freelancers will tell you to start small and start while you’re still working. The freelance life isn’t for everyone and for those who aren’t prepared, it’s easy to crash and burn.

I’m happy to say that I haven’t crashed and burned yet and for all my moaning about being more famine than feast, I actually enjoyed my time as a freelance writer; so much so that I’m still freelance writing. If you’ve been following, you know that I just scored a job as office manager for the local office of Assisted Transition; the job is great and looks to be allowing me to follow some of the interests and loves that I didn’t think I’d be able to in just one job description.

But Gina, if you’re doing the corporate thing, why are you still freelancing?

Well, the answer is pretty simple really. Extra money, but more than that, I’m still making a name for myself without the famine. Since I’ve been freelance writing I have noticed some trends – one is that the summer months are usually a lot slower than the rest of the year. This was certainly true last year when I struggled more during the months of June thru August, September. I haven’t figured out why, other than the fact that it’s the summertime, when everyone is out of school or taking vacations.

This is where having the job works well. But once things pick up, I’ll still be freelancing; I’ll just be ‘moonlighting’.

While my boss is aware that I freelance, I don’t do so at work (for obvious reasons), but that may not be the case with some other bosses, hence the moonlight nights. The best way to freelance and work? Finding a time that works well for you; I’ve discovered that trying to freelance after work does not work for me, but the weekends (like today) are perfect. It’s when I’m updating my website, doing the blog, and I’ve even assigned time for it.

Any readers out there freelancing and working at the same time? Let me know how it’s working for you in the comment section below!