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Since embarking on this new life as a freelancer, I’ve gone through a lot of changes. One of the major ones was my move from my hometown of Tucson to that of Denver. As a freelancer, you’ll often go through changes in which what you normally would do is trumped by doing something outrageous and crazy.

Folks, I’m going to do something outrageous and crazy.

It seems that my move to Denver was fraught with financial hardships. The decision to move to a new city and state with only freelancing behind me was probably not a great idea, but it was something that I needed to do. And now, my freelancing travels are taking me elsewhere.

Virginia to be exact.

Yes, friends, there will be another road show this time to one of the naval bases in Virginia. A friend of mine called for assistance as she gets stationed there and the benefits far outweigh the consequences. It’s not forever, just a few months, but apparently my bold move the first time has somehow prepared me for this one. There is no fear as I get things together to depart, only the sense of “how the heck am I gonna do this?” in regards to my stuff.

There are of course a lot of blogs out there that talk about the gains you get by freelancing. Not just the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself, but I’ve found that it can also help in those unexpected life problems. Obviously, in the aftermath of Panda, a lot of things changed on the sites I worked on. I discovered that I went from over $1,000 in July to just $400 in August. Huge deficit, right?

But just when things got bleak, along came the announcement of weekly pay from one site, as well as this new opportunity. It’ll certainly be interesting being one of those traveling freelancers (though I’m not really traveling), but we’ll see where this will take us.

This is not the end, as The Bravery say, so hopefully you guys will join me on this new adventure! Peace out!



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