The Chicken Pox Caper & Other Things

Hiddey Ho, readerinis!

So you may have noticed that I was gone for a bit. Technically it was only supposed to be for a week, in hour of my 32nd birthday on the 11th. Sadly however, I received news of a friend’s death and it kinda put me in a bad funk. So, last week I had an idea for a post on SEO, but this week’s Facebook conversation has gotten me thinking about something else.

As a writer, you know that you can get inspiration in any place, at any time, and while I struggle to get my month end articles in, I’ve stumbled upon an intriguing mystery.

Here’s the scene –

In 2nd grade, not only get the writing bug, but I also caught one in the form of chicken pox. One of my classmates had caught it and was of course out because it’s contagious. However, I clearly remember them coming back, apparently cured, only to have nearly half the class out due to the chicken pox, which I think he still had.

Now for years, I have been under the impression that my friend, whom I’ll call NK, was the culprit. I’ve told stories on how in second grade, he caught the chicken pox and then proceeded to expose the rest of us. So imagine my surprise when, as part of a comment in regards to a virus posting that occurred on his page, I mentioned that he had given us chicken pox.

Now the kicker – not only had he not given Mrs. Wilson’s 2nd grade class chicken pox, he wasn’t even in Mrs. Wilson’s 2nd grade class.


That’s what I said!

This has of course brought up a peculiar mystery. If NK was not responsible for the chicken pox, nor being in the same class with me, who then gave me the chicken pox? Now, I will fully admit that I have always been a sickly kid, but usually it was the occasion flu or in my case bronchitis.

Being the mystery lover that I am and of course, knowing that this was going to bother and annoy me throughout the day and week, I did some investigating. If not NK, then who? Suspects? None, other than the people I could actively remember at the top of my head. One of those was that of LS. Luckily, NK had LS on Facebook speed dial, so I then went to go be friends with LS.

LS did confirm that, while he, NK, and I were in Mr. Franks 4th grade class together, the three of us were not in Mrs. Wilson’s class. However, LS and I were. Was it perhaps LS that I was thinking of? From my memory I knew several things about LS –

  1. we were pretty tight friends in elementary
  2. he introduced me to wrestling
  3. I received the 25th anniversary copy of Dr. Strange from him (or bought it, I don’t remember)
  4. I bit him once in 4th grade. I tend to bite.

However, I could not recall if LS had gotten chicken pox when the rest of us did. Then I reasoned it could have been BR, but I wasn’t so sure, as I couldn’t remember him being in Mrs. Wilson’s class. He was in Mr. Franks’ class, as he and I were both in band.

I of course had to write this post the day it came to light (Tuesday); there’s still the rest of the week to discover the truth. Was it perhaps DN? But didn’t we have 3rd grade together with Mrs. Schroeder? Or perhaps I’m completely wrong on the gender itself; all listed have been males. Was it a female culprit that I should be seeking?

UPDATE – So it turns out that LS also had chicken pox. The real question is – was he the same time the rest of us were. The mystery continues to deepen!


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