Monthly Archives: April 2011

Questions! Or Answers?

So yesterday’s post was a little dampening, I know. A Facebook friend pointed put that he couldn’t remember when I had been such a grumpy chicken before and as I write this, I realize, huh. He’s kinda right. It’s not unheard of for me to get a little down once and a while, but lately – a good lately – I’ve been more down then up and that’s, really not like me.

And I’m afraid I might be bringing you guys and gals down with me. And I’m sorry. Not for posting or venting, but if I made you all think, “oh God, I can’t do this! Gina said I couldn’t!” No, I didn’t say you couldn’t; if anything, I’m saying you can, but it’ll be hard and sometimes hard is not what you want.

Anyway, I thought I’d take this to the crowd and find out what everyone is looking for when they come to the Freelancer R page. Are you looking for advice from a newbie? Or do you want to hear about the randomness that goes on when my mind is or isn’t with me? How did last week’s writing thing do? The blog itself? Like it? Hate it? Want me to stop?

Let’s try and build something, kay?

EDIT – Sorry gang, this should have gone out last week, but didn’t.