Pimp Out Your Writing

Last week, I pimped out my website. This week, I’m pimping out my articles. Right now, you’re probably asking, “Whatcha talkin’ about, Gina?”

Granted, I don’t remember when or where I started using the word “pimp” as both verb and noun, but I like it and I’m sticking with it. As for what I’m talkin’ bout, I’m talking about giving a shout out to your work. Now, I will admit, this new concept of mine is still in the beginning stages, as in I’m just now deciding that I’d probably get more views if people were aware of what I was doing.

Social networks are great and I have enough posts about them to say that, but even I can admit that I’m not using them as effectively as I should. Every freelancer should be making blog posts or Tweets or announcements that they’ve done something new. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes I get a little annoyed when all I’m getting are tweets of the same stuff over and over again (in fact, I dropped someone for that).

You can’t just use social media as a banner ad for your stuff; you have to be engaging and talk to folks, but also occasionally mention that, by the way, I’m a writer and I’ve done stuff. Of course, it’s also helpful it’s good stuff, meaning that you’ll get more traffic.

I’m doing freelancing as full time right now, meaning that while upfront payments are awesome and god sends, I also like that revenue stream. What’s revenue, you ask? Well, in online publication and online traffic itself, revenue is the percentage you get when people stop by your website or blog or articles. If you get a ton of people everyday or every second, that translates into more money for you.

That’s a good thing.

Don’t ask me to go over the math – there’s a reason I’m a writer and not a mathematician – but you could make some good money off the streams themselves. Check out this article from Problogger on how well Darren Rowse was doing; I myself am at the $50 mark in streams. I’m sure that others writers are making $500.


Well, for one, I’m sure that their stuff if brilliant, which helps with getting people to read it. Two, they probably told people, who told people, who told people, etc.

So this month, I’m endeavoring to get more traffic to my articles and if you haven’t done that, I suggest you do. Not everyone will read, but even one person who reads it, then passes it on is still a good cause. Think about it – if that one person enjoys your work, they’ll want to come back to see more. They’ll tell their friends and so on and so on. Before long, you’ve got an audience.

But Gina, I don’t followers for articles! I want followers for my Great Novel I’m writing!

Calm down there, Grasshopper. You’re missing the point. If people are following your articles, they probably enjoy your writing, meaning that if you tell people, “hey folks, I wrote a book”, where do you think your followers will go, huh?

To my book?

Yes. See, you can’t just concentrate on the small, you have to go big on this. If your writing is solid, then people are going to be checking out all that you can do, get me? Don’t go for broke just yet, of course, but build up that presence and those followers and you’ll find that you might be just fine when that book of yours comes out.

And now – let the pimping begin! Check out some my articles on Bright Hub. If you’re a newbie freelancer, this is one of the best online publications to get started on, so check it!

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And of course, if you’re interested in knowing more about lil ole me, you can follow me on Facebook and make sure you sign up for the RSS and stuff, so you know the next time I impart words of wisdom. Or just words. Usually words.


About Writer 66

Writing since the age of seven, managed to get a job as a copy writer, while enjoying the unsung awesomeness as a creative fan fic writer.

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  1. Hahaha…I love it. I’ve done my fare share of pimping out my blog and writing. I’ve scaled back some as of late, but I still do it enough to drive my wife crazy when she looks at her facebook feed. 🙂

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