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At the end of last year, I started this blog mainly for the reason that it’s something that a freelance writer should have. Yeah. But the idea for say, making a blog from the start of someone who is just beginning to freelance I thought was new. Even if not, my experience is probably not the same as someone else’s.

Anyway, to be fair, this blog was actually the result of another blog, that of my seldom updated blog based on my website. As I wrote yesterday, I don’t really talk about my website much, which I guess as it’s not a professional site, in terms of my freelancing ‘business’, this is kinda like free press, you know? And really – this is a blog about a freelance writer and this writer had a start somewhere.

Early in this blog, I gave you a little overview about how I got started writing. Well, at some point, real life started to take a bigger focus, pushing my writing – and any career associated with it – to the back burner. What got me back?

Fan fiction.

I am a big proponent of fan fiction, that is to say that I think it’s a good side avenue for a writer. Let’s be honest – writing is not easy. If it was, then the entire world would be writers. I got into fan fiction for the simple thought that a Get Smart fan fic that I read, I thought I could do better.

That was fourteen years ago.

I have noticed in all of that time, that many writers did what I did – that is, turn to fan fiction as a means to write something. Real life happens, there’s really no way to get around that and for many writers, we haven’t been discovered yet. So that means working the 9 to 5 job or taking a full semester of classes or taking care of the kids. That’s a full day and a half right there and sometimes, there isn’t time to work on the Great American Novel.

Let me make this easier to understand, from a fan fic writer point of view.

Fan fic is easy, for me at least. When I was coming up with stories or ideas, I’d spend time doing the characters, their bios, their looks, their relationships before I moved on to the series of stories they would feature in, etc. On the really good days, I’d actually write down the plot of the thing; bad days…well, let’s just say I have a whole box of original stories that have a host of characters with no plot. Or rather, I can’t remember the plot to save my life.

Fan fiction, however, easy. I just have to come up with a plot. I don’t have to worry about the hours or days coming up with names for the main characters or their relationships to one another; I don’t have to worry about their backgrounds or their personalities because fans already know it.

*EDIT – I went off on a tangent and started talking about good and bad fan fiction and then remembered this was supposed to be about my website. Ha. We now return you to the regularly scheduled blog post*

So in 1997, I tried my hand at writing a fan fic based on Get Smart, one of the first classic TV shows I watched with the launch of Nickelodeon’s Nick @ Nite. It was a show I hadn’t seen since junior high and trying out this new thing – for me at least – called the Internet, on a lark, I looked up Get Smart. Which is how I found the GS mailing list.

I started with the Get Smart scripts – script form storylines that followed the horrible 1995 revival series made by Fox; however, I basically did what fans wished Fox had done – included the ‘missing twin’ sister of Zachary Smart, made Zach not Andy Dick, and brought back favorite villains. I even gave the Mister and Misses a few cases of their own.

Pretty soon, story length ideas started hitting me, which I wrote. I was starting to get a ton of stories going, but without a place to actually put them. Hence came the idea of a website and thus My Favorite Shows was created. The first site was a tribute to Get Smart, The Monkees, Danger Mouse, and of course Scooby-Doo. Trying my hand at building a website, even I can admit the first few tries were crappy. I only wished that I had a picture or something to show the progression.

Fast forward to the Great Recession and it looked like the MFS would be down for good. Since the initial site, I had branched out and made some changes. The Monkees and DM had to go and the addition of my new fandom, that of the CGI cartoon show ReBoot, was added. ReBoot, I have to admit, was a great breaking ground for me. I’m a mystery writer at heart, but RB allowed me to branch into action/adventure, a genre I have always felt I lacked in.

Then…came Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

A friend had ended up buying the second game when we were all still roommates and gave me the lowdown on the first game. I have been a lover of the original and the mythos before it ever since. As a fan of Star Wars, the whole history that has been laid out in this world 4,000 years before the original trilogy is fascinating and until I played the sequel, I hadn’t planned on writing anything for the series.

If you’ve played the second game, you’ll understand the compulsion I had to finding a worthy ending.

That brings us to SPANTENNA. What, after all of the above, is SPANTENNA? SPANTENNA is basically the new MFS, but with a background story!Super Powered Agents Never Take Elephants Near Nefarious Aardvarks

SPANTENNA is or rather was, the true force behind that of the MFS website. Using ‘fan fiction’ as a cover, a mysterious faction of agents are trying to get the word out about what’s going on in their futuristic timeline, with the hope that we won’t make the same decisions they made in regards to trusting those that seem like saviors.

The new site still has Get Smart and is the only place where anyone can find all the stuff I’ve done for GS; ReBoot also has a home here, so does my dabbles with KOTOR, and my love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The site will also have the background story and history in regards to these renegades, as well as a place to host all that stuff in the ‘writing box’.

So far, updates are scheduled on the weekends, usually Saturday, though you can sometimes expect a Sunday update. Each week, I try and do something different – last week was a GS update, while the week before was both KOTOR and Turtles.

You can find SPANTENNA with the link.

If you’re wondering if I have stuff else where, I do, hence why the site is to bring all of that together. You can find the link to myself at at the site, however I no longer post there. But you can leave comments and I can reply to you.

Hey wait about that TNG fic you said you were doing?

Haven’t decided on that yet. I’d like to actually finish at least one before I decide where to put it. Not sure. If you got ideas, leave them in the comments.


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Writing since the age of seven, managed to get a job as a copy writer, while enjoying the unsung awesomeness as a creative fan fic writer.

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