Writer Spillage

So because I missed yesterday’s blog, you – my faithful readers (or reader) (or just me) – get treated to a 2 for 1 sale here at Freelancer R!

Today’s second post is what I like to call ‘writer spillage’. Last post I told you I wasted a whole week working on fan fiction. Well, let’s not say wasted, cause really any time that you – as a writer – are writing is time well spent. So, my time was spent writing, though not writing what I needed to.

You know the term writer’s block, which for any writer is like the seventh circle of hell within the seventh circle of hell. It’s like the eighth circle of hell if there were eight circles. Now, for anyone out there who doesn’t write, let me tell you about writer’s block. It is not, as you may think, something that writer’s think up so we can get out of writing.

Please. We’re writers. We can think up more creative excuses than that.

No, writer’s block is when the little creative voice in our head stops talking. Completely. Or just ups and leaves and doesn’t return for a day, a month, or even a year. It basically means that we can’t think of anything to write, much less write our way out of a paper bag.

However, today’s second post is not on writer’s block. No, it’s on writer’s spillage.

What, you ask, is writer’s spillage?

Well, it’s something that I like to coin to explain any time my creative writer won’t shut the hell up. It’s when ideas are flowing so fast, it’s like a virtual tornado of words, ideas, places, characters – basically the Wizard of Oz tornado of creativity. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have issues with writer’s spillage.

Don’t get me wrong; I love when I can sit down and get an idea and can either start it or just write notes on it. It’s great. However, it can also be a distraction. Take this last week for example. Obviously, I’ve been a little stressed –

  • big friend fight
  • experiencing cabin fever
  • probably a little depressed (due to fight and cabin fever)
  • Bills are coming, yet no money to pay them

Just a big list of stress. Last week, my little creative writer woke up and told me to stop. Just stop. I was too strung out, I needed a break. And the best way to get a break was to…of course…write something. Creatively. Read something that wasn’t research or article based, wasn’t job descriptions or qualifications, just…creative bliss.

Now, if my creative writer had said exactly that, I would probably have been a bit more productive. But no. No, my creative writer doesn’t speak in those types of terms.


It just blurts out ideas in any shape or form. Constantly. Never ending. All. Day. Long. All. Night. Long. My creative writer does not care that I have bills to pay or articles to write; it understands that – subconsciously – I need a break. And if I can’t have a break with friends, I will do what I have always done. Lock myself up and write something.

All. Damn. Day.

So most of last week, I was inundated with ‘Good Mornin'” from Singing in the Rain. All because I wanted another song for my alarm clock. But it doesn’t end there. Oh no, no, no. That would be too easy. So I found it and watched the scene from the movie. Over and over and over and over. And when that didn’t satisfy me, I downloaded it – remember, the alarm clock – and then listened to it. Over and over and over and over.

Oh, but creative writer was not done.

Creative Writer has a tendency that, whatever is currently on my mind – usually something I’ve watched or have written – I will then begin to envision it in my thoughts. Creative Writer decided that I needed to write something creativity and the thing that was on my mind was that of my TNG fic (well, the current one). I needed to work on that.

Star Trek: The Next Generation + Singing in the Rain = humorous, but annoying distraction.

Admittedly, it was fairly interesting the first time it was in my head. Actually, it was still amusing after the fifth time, but now the song is stuck in my head. And I can’t seem to write anything BUT this TNG fic I’m working on.

So now I have a creative mind in overload, driving down the creative highway, in a car with no brakes.

Upside – I may actually finish this fic, maybe tidy up and finish the other one that I started, before winding down to the next fic I should have finished (cause you know, the Smartians and ReBooters are going to have my head soon, that is if the KOTOR folks and Ninja Turtles fans don’t chase me down with lightsabers and shurikens first)

Downside – Ideas that won’t stop. Any time I start down the fan fic road, it’s only with one idea. Just one! And before I know it, I’ve got a series going with no end in sight. Plus, CW doesn’t want to stop. My one solitary idea with TNG has now morphed into at least five and sadly, they’re all good ideas. Really good to the point where I do wanna write them…one day. Maybe.

Oh, and of course the major downside is that I can’t seem to get anything else done.

Oh and the major downside – with no brakes on my Createmobile, poor Creative Writer is going to crash into something and die a horrible death. Meaning that, Writer’s Block is looming in the distance and that’s always bad. That’s months or years of not thinking up anything. Years of stories and fics just sitting around, years of readers going, “What the hell? Are you going to finish this?”

And hey, I’m a reader as well as a writer and nothing kills me more than finding a good fic and then finding it’s not finished and hasn’t been touched in five years.

I love you, Creative Writer. I really, really do. You stuck with me even when I gave you the cold shoulder at times. But listen…I really do need to get some work done. Now, you’ve fooled around long enough and it’s time to let Professional Writer take over for a bit. One day, you too will know the awesomeness of getting paid for your brilliance.

But it is not this day.

I can see the same fear in your eyes that would take the heart of me and one day, the age of man will…

Damn it, Creative!


About Writer 66

Writing since the age of seven, managed to get a job as a copy writer, while enjoying the unsung awesomeness as a creative fan fic writer.

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