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In my move to a brand new city, I knew that I couldn’t exactly just have the three friends that I had already known when I moved here. Despite my loner qualities, I actually do enjoy meeting people and one of the first things that I did – well, before I moved to Denver – was to check in on this thing called a TweetUp.

What’s a tweetup, you ask? It’s basically meeting those people that you talk to/follow on Twitter who are local to you. After I made my decision to move to Denver, that was what I did. Made friends with Denver and Colorado people on Twitter. And that’s how I heard about the tweetup.

So for my very first tweetup, it was great! It’s definitely an excellent way to network with different people, as well as meeting those folks that  you’ve been replying or DM-ing on Twitter. I got to meet Jerome Shaw (@jeromeshaw/@DenverTwitr) who I have been asking about Denver for at least a month now and the awesome Ashley Kingsley (@ashleykingsley), who was not only awesome for putting everything together last night, but cause she’s short and that automatically makes her awesome!

Now I’m sure you have questions…

Do I have to be on Twitter?

Nope. In fact, a couple of people were using Facebook or weren’t doing any type of social media at all. These were also friends or spouses, but it was still great to meet some really nice folks. I even met some Arizona folks, so it was great speaking about our ‘special’ state.

Should I bring business cards?

In a word – YES! I’m so mad that I didn’t think to make business cards. See, this is why freelancers should get business cards, so that you can pass them out to people. BUT don’t let that discourage you. Not everyone had a business card and when in doubt, people used planners or their phones. I actually downloaded a notepad on my phone just so I could start writing down real names next to the Twitter name.

I just started freelancing; is this a good way to pimp my name?

Yes, but don’t treat it like you’re only there to do business. But also don’t make it a down home party either. If you’re new, people are going to want to know something about you, especially those folks that don’t follow you on Twitter. So tell that what you do. As I said, it is a good way to network. There were a lot of big names that are ‘in the know’ about social media, marketing, writing, freelancing, and business in general.

For instance, I happened to mention that this week I had been thinking about getting started in copywriting and lo and behold, there was someone there who happened to know and do some copywriting. See? I just mentioned when asked what I was doing.

So this social media works then?

Do you remember one of the very first posts I did about social media? You don’t? That’s okay, I’ve linked it for you. Anyway, one of the first posts I did was about how I was starting to use Facebook and Twitter to tell people, “hey, I wrote some stuff and I think you should read it!” And behold, here you are reading this! See? See how that works?

In the end, most importantly I had a really great time and met some new people in the city I now live in. I wish I had gotten everyone that I talked to on Twitter *grr!*, but hopefully when another one of these happens, I’ll be there again. So, my young freelancing padawans, if you’re looking for people to follow on Twitter, I’ve put some of the awesome people down on the list here. They have awesome things to say and share with folks, so if you aren’t following them, you should!

Ashley – @ashleykingsley

Jerome – @jeromeshaw and @DenverTwitr

Betti – @nowmedias

Patti – @thebusinessloft

Donna – @donnafeldman

Stevie – @stevieknight

Tomorrow, my crazy decision on being a copywriter! No, seriously.


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Writing since the age of seven, managed to get a job as a copy writer, while enjoying the unsung awesomeness as a creative fan fic writer.

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