What? No Internet?

So yesterday I got the keys to my new apartment here in Denver. I looked around at the small space and thought, “this is where I’m going to live now.” I checked for holes and any cracks, took pictures and a video to commemorate this occasion. And in my inspection of my apartment I notice a very real and potential problem.

No cable outlet.

As in, no cable outlet for cable or internet.

As in…no internet.

Now, as a newly minted and out of work freelance writer, this is one of those glaring oversights that I readily admit I should have looked at before plopping down the money to ensure that I had a place to live in my new city. Luckily, the absence of the cable outlet can be fixed.

For a price, I’m sure.

This is of course where the worry comes in. Utilities and internet come in on Monday, however if the guy isn’t readily able to run cable, who knows how long I’ll be without the internet. Oh dear God. Now, this would not be such a bad thing as I have a newly minted Android mobile phone.

Readers, let me allude to  the story of my departure from Tucson. In the nicest way possible, there was an “issue” with my daily wages from work. The money that I had set aside for “Denver” needed to be shuffled around to make sure that I could pay the bills in Tucson. Long story short, my financial plan for moving steadily began to crumble. Personally, I blame many people, but mostly Tucson for trying to keep me there.

None the less, I was unprepared to take care of business once I arrived. So, while I was able to pay the first month’s rent, I am now left with the horrible realization that I don’t have access to the thing that I need to work. Now, never fear, freelancing newbies! You may think that without the internet at home that you might as well say goodbye to your aspirations.


The upside to moving to Denver is the fact that I have several different avenues in which I can use the internet and thus, be able to work. There are libraries, friends with laptops, and even the building where my friends live in have a business center. So work wise, I’m actually okay.

Then there’s home. I will admit that the last two years of working at home has really made me wish for an office, just so that I can remember that home is the safe house from the evil corporation. You know, like Tatooine was for Luke before the droids dropped in and had the Empire follow them. Hey, did you guys hear that Star Wars is coming to blu-ray!? OMG, why don’t I have a blu-ray player!?

Oh yeah. I’m poor.

Moving on, I now have a bit more opportunities on where I can work without being stuck at home. In fact, a friend of mine just quit his job and will be entering the freelancing world himself. Let’s see how this works out then.


About Writer 66

Writing since the age of seven, managed to get a job as a copy writer, while enjoying the unsung awesomeness as a creative fan fic writer.

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