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Elementary, Dear Reader

Most of my friends, nay anyone that has met me, will know that I have a morbid fascination with crime. All aspects of crime – crime scenes, historic murders, infamous murders, unsolved murders, historic events that could possibly be linked to murder…I watch a lot of Discovery.

A lot.

It’s a childhood condition, really, that is easily traced back to that of my obsession with mystery novels, starting from – of course – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I really did want to go into law enforcement as a kid; I wanted to be the detective in the books and classic movies I saw. Alas, at some point in my life I realized that perhaps the whole ‘could be killed on the job’ really had no interest for me (hence why I have two WoW toons that can heal. Not others, just me).

Anyway, today I was watching one of the many and fascinating documentaries on Lizzie Borden. If you don’t know – which is just sad and horrific that you don’t – Lizzie Borden was the OJ Simpson of late 1800s. No, really. She was accused of murdering not one, but two people, who happened to be her father and step mother, plus she didn’t just kill them, like a woman. Oh no, no no no.

She hacked them to death. With an axe.

So I’m watching this with the friends I’m staying with until Internet comes to the new apartment (you know the one I’m paying for that has no cable hook up. Hilarity ensued with that, let me tell you) and friend number 1 makes a suggestion that I – honestly – had never considered.

“Have you ever considered taking a case from Denver where some fuck did this kind of thing and writing about it?”

In other words, have I ever thought about taking my love of writing and combining it with my love of all things murderous and true? And the answer was no. Admittedly, I’ve of course written mysteries before, in fact that’s the bulk of all of my original writings. Hell, even my  fan fics have some sort of mystery involved in the plot. I love mysteries and apparently, the gruesome the better. But it had never occurred to me to combine those two things together.

And now…the interest is certainly there. I mean, it’s not something I can start on immediately. I’m about two days away from driving everyone here nuts with my needy/clingy ways and this start to a new adventure is turning worse than I wanted or even planned for (and I planned for awesome. Planned for the awesome). However, the thought intrigues me. What better way of exploring my new city than to learn about its unsolved history?

And by history I mean horribly bloody murders that have occurred in its past and that hopefully occurred nowhere near my current place of residence.

As Barney Stinson would say…”Challenge accepted.” For a later date.


Beck, Snookie, and Twain. Yes. I said it.

So I’m sure we’ve all heard that both Glen Beck and The Jersey Shore’s Snookie have both reached the top of the New York Times.


I mean…do you have any idea how many talented writers there are in the world? I have more talent in my pinky than Beck has in his brain – which if you read that first ‘book’ of his, you would agree with me – and yet…I’m not a published author.

Okay, so that in itself is kinda my fault, but you know bills and stuff. But still…it’s more of a comment on our society. I sent a tweet over to Ashley Kingsley (@ashleykingsley) on Twitter asking if I were to say ‘Melville’ or ‘Hawthorne’ to the younger generation, would they know who they were?

And no, I won’t tell you who they are if you don’t know. You have technology, you can look it up. :p However, if you do know, you can leave comments. Those are okay.

And don’t even get me started on the whole deal with Mark Twain. Look – I’m black. And I’ve read Huck Finn. In fact, it had been required reading when I was in school (and I’m not that old, damn it!) and I didn’t have an issue with the ‘N’ word. Know why? Cause the book was written in a time when that was kosher.

My friends and I had this discussion. Do we as society somehow forget history? Or is it that we forget it enough that we are doomed to repeat it? Do kids even read books anymore? And I mean actual books, like Melville, Hawthorne, Hurston, Wright, and Twain. I’ve actually gotten back into reading, thanks to downloading the Kindle onto my Android phone.

I read Washington, as I don’t think I ever had before; re-reading Doyle’s great detective; and of course working my way through Poe. Who doesn’t love Poe? Or rather, can anyone name two stories by Poe that are not the Raven?

This is why I miss being a kid. You know, I think tomorrow everyone can listen to how much I miss Saturday morning cartoons.

What? No Internet?

So yesterday I got the keys to my new apartment here in Denver. I looked around at the small space and thought, “this is where I’m going to live now.” I checked for holes and any cracks, took pictures and a video to commemorate this occasion. And in my inspection of my apartment I notice a very real and potential problem.

No cable outlet.

As in, no cable outlet for cable or internet.

As in…no internet.

Now, as a newly minted and out of work freelance writer, this is one of those glaring oversights that I readily admit I should have looked at before plopping down the money to ensure that I had a place to live in my new city. Luckily, the absence of the cable outlet can be fixed.

For a price, I’m sure.

This is of course where the worry comes in. Utilities and internet come in on Monday, however if the guy isn’t readily able to run cable, who knows how long I’ll be without the internet. Oh dear God. Now, this would not be such a bad thing as I have a newly minted Android mobile phone.

Readers, let me allude to  the story of my departure from Tucson. In the nicest way possible, there was an “issue” with my daily wages from work. The money that I had set aside for “Denver” needed to be shuffled around to make sure that I could pay the bills in Tucson. Long story short, my financial plan for moving steadily began to crumble. Personally, I blame many people, but mostly Tucson for trying to keep me there.

None the less, I was unprepared to take care of business once I arrived. So, while I was able to pay the first month’s rent, I am now left with the horrible realization that I don’t have access to the thing that I need to work. Now, never fear, freelancing newbies! You may think that without the internet at home that you might as well say goodbye to your aspirations.


The upside to moving to Denver is the fact that I have several different avenues in which I can use the internet and thus, be able to work. There are libraries, friends with laptops, and even the building where my friends live in have a business center. So work wise, I’m actually okay.

Then there’s home. I will admit that the last two years of working at home has really made me wish for an office, just so that I can remember that home is the safe house from the evil corporation. You know, like Tatooine was for Luke before the droids dropped in and had the Empire follow them. Hey, did you guys hear that Star Wars is coming to blu-ray!? OMG, why don’t I have a blu-ray player!?

Oh yeah. I’m poor.

Moving on, I now have a bit more opportunities on where I can work without being stuck at home. In fact, a friend of mine just quit his job and will be entering the freelancing world himself. Let’s see how this works out then.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

So I have finally have arrived in Denver! It was treacherous, but we arrived. Thanks for everyone for the support!