Tis The Season!

As we gear up for the Christmas season (for those who celebrate it) and that of a new year, I got some awesome blog posts in my mail today from both Freelance Folder and Freelance Switch and it had me thinking about myself. The one from Freelance Folder describes exactly what I’m (and some of you readers) are about to do –

Jump from being a part time freelancer to a full time freelancer.

Today is my official last day of full time employment, as I make my transition from one city to another. And while the articles I’ve done have helped a lot in keeping me afloat (and of course paying for my trips and move to Denver), there is something to be said about it being official.

These next couple of posts are going to get into the high gear (I hope) of what you and I have always wanted – to do what we enjoy and get paid for it. There are steps and falls and all that jazz, but hey I think we can make it.

So what’s today’s post about?

Well, as Christmas is only a short three days away, let’s discuss the dreaded ‘taking time off’ scenario. Dreaded? Well, for a freelancer it can be, as I’m about to have that hit me in a few short hours, it’s looking scary.

Freelancing – however fun – is still a job, kiddies. Unfortunately, unless you have awesome fallback money, you don’t really get paid time off. My goal this week? Finish every article and then some that I have sitting in my que at Bright Hub. Why? So that I can sit and relax on Christmas.

I mentioned earlier that I seemed to be having this horrible issue of not being motivated and just procrastinating till my heart’s content; this week – even with the lunar eclipse – I made a point of setting up a schedule and actually keeping it to make sure that I start this freelancing thing on the right foot.

So why this week did the motor and thoughts start hitting? I guess the easy answers would be –

  1. I want to make sure I enjoy Christmas without thinking ‘Oh God, I have articles to finish!’
  2. It’s now officially one more week until I leave for Denver, which will cost me two days for driving and at least a day to set up my stuff at my friend’s.
  3. Rent & bills are going to converge at the same time and I is POOR!

But who knows, really? The point is, somewhere in my mind I said I needed to get my s*** together in order to get this plan together and as a budding freelancer, I need to take this stuff into account.

So how does a freelancer prepare themselves for upcoming vacations and holidays? Planning. That’s really the big secret – just plan ahead. For instance, when I went up to Denver for Thanksgiving, I took my laptop with me and managed to do a bit of work while I waited for people to start coming home from work. I won’t lie – I lapsed because while it was a vacation from work, I was still working in a way.

Just as you would plan your vacation if you worked for a company, you need to plan freelancing with that. If you plan on going out of town, do you want to take your laptop with you? Will you have a few days before festivities to get work done?

Getting in projects and the like before the due date or before the holiday is the way to go. Think about it – while you’re trying to get your stuff in, you know your client or work partners are trying to do the same. I say ‘sharing is caring’ on this – help them out by getting your stuff in.

Tomorrow, I think we could all do with a story, so I’m going  to expand on the great article by Freelance Switch on spending time with your family.


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