Moving Blues

A few weeks ago, I helped move a friend of mine and her husband out of Tucson and up to Minnesota. Last weekend, I went with a neighbor to drop off another neighbor at the train station so that she could move to New Jersey. This week, my boss and his family are all moving up to Seattle.

As soon as I mentioned that I was moving to Colorado, it seems like everyone wanted to jump off the USS Tucson, AZ and really, I can understand that. Don’t get me wrong – it’s my hometown and therefore, I should have some loyalty here, right? Well, for the moment, not as much.

Moving away, as a few people have put it, should be an adventure. One of those big life things that everyone should experience and then when in their twilight years, remember when they were somewhere else. I’m sure I’ve spoken about this before, so please try to forgive me for stating it all over again. I seem to be doing that a lot when I speak about how I’m leaving.

I’m t-minus one week before my last day at work and then only a few after Christmas will I be hitting the road with a friend up to my new home of Denver. Perhaps it hasn’t hit me that I’m moving or maybe I keep needing to remind myself that I’m moving and this isn’t some dream in which I’ll wake up back in my bedroom at my mom’s house.

This…is it.

Technically, you could put this ideology to anything. For instance, when you decide to start freelancing and you start getting your name out there in the online world. Before you know it, someone is actually asking you to publish something for them. Maybe it’s something small or maybe it’s the project that will launch your big writing, designing, programming career, who knows?

But at that point, you’ll start saying “Wow. This…is it.”

It’s an adventure, like in a movie (though without the big stars or budget) – small town kid hits on to something big and travels through the galaxy, err…world. You aren’t really saving it, but hey, if you want to think like that, I say go for it. Maybe your writing will save the world.

My moving to Denver isn’t going to save the world, but it might just save me in the life I have now and the life I would like to have.

You know, I think tomorrow’s post should be about what to do as a freelancer when faced with moving. Yeah, that sounds awesome.


About Writer 66

Writing since the age of seven, managed to get a job as a copy writer, while enjoying the unsung awesomeness as a creative fan fic writer.

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