Ugh…When Motivation Tanks

Earlier in these blog postings I spoke about what happens when procrastination rears its ugly head and you just can’t be bothered to do what you know needs to be done. Well, today’s blog is about procrastination’s big brother – motivation.

I admit, freely and abet sadly, that I have been completely and utterly unmotivated lately. Perhaps it’s because my mind has been on other things, with my moving out of state and getting things together for that, but I can almost count the moment my motivation just started to tank. At first, I thought maybe it started after I returned from Denver the first time, but in truth, I think it’s been coming on for some time.

As a beginning freelancer, I have of course read all I could about how to be more motivated as a freelancer, what do when you spend most of your time at home (which I do now, however I’m not freelancing), and how to avoid distractions. As someone who is used to sitting hours upon hours in front of a computer screen (hence why my vision has probably changed), at the beginning of the switch from being at the office and working from home, I figured, “why not?”

I have since learned why not.

I find that I’m easily distracted (normally) but lately I’ve been actually looking for things to distract me and sadly the things that should be distracting I’m not even motivated to be distracted by. Not good.

So what’s a freelancer to do when procrastination and motivation are hitting you harder than you want them too?

My friends over at Freelance Folder have a great article with a few tips on staying motivated. I also think that the motivation is also based on personal commitment. In the past, I found self hypnosis to work wonders on me; one tape in particular I found to be very helpful. Unfortunately it’s on a tape and I don’t have a tape deck, which just sucks, as it was a really good tape.

Some of the options are good, if not for what I am doing now, in regards to work. But the count down towards Denver is rapidly approaching.

For the moment, even things that should be motivating me (like the fiasco with my bank) aren’t motivating me. What do you think is a good way to stay motivated?


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