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Today’s post, while a little late, is finally here. And it is called the cloud. Well, I should say it’s all about cloud computing. Surely you’ve heard of it.

You haven’t?

And don’t call you Shirley?

Well, Carlos, let me tell you a little about living in the cloud and how mondo awesome it is or as we say, ‘osome’ (yes, there is a story behind that). In the big world of definitions, cloud computing is an Internet based ability for the sharing of resources, information, and services to many computers.

Basically, think of it as this – there’s this cupcake that you want to share with the office workers, but how do you get it to everyone? Let’s just assume it’s a never ending cupcake, if you’re wondering. You could invite everyone over to have some of the cupcake, but what about Bob in Kansas? Or Susie in Des Moines? Or me in Arizona? How do we share in the confectionery goodness?

This is where the cloud comes in. You put the cupcake in a place where everyone can get at it (and where it won’t go stale or anything). And then you give people access to the cupcake, so that they can either view the cupcake or put sprinkles on the cupcake or even frost the cupcake.

You know what sounds good right now? Yeah, you guessed it – an oatmeal raisin cookie.

But I digress.

The cloud is kinda like a storage facility for your documents and files and you have the key, which you can give to others if you so choose. So why is this ‘cloud’ all the rage? Well, think of what you can do with it. For example, I have two computers, a laptop and a desktop, and I’m a writer. I think we can see how problematic this could potentially be. See, I loves my desktop, but when I’m not at home, I use my laptop, and more often than not, I do something on the desktop that I forgot to bring for the laptop or vice versa.

With the cloud or rather, with Microsoft’s Live Sync, I can do what I want on my desktop, as long as I’m working on a file that is being synced, I can also work on it on my laptop and all changes are updated so that when I come back home, I can work on it on my desktop. You have to, of course, set it up so that it knows where and what to sync, but overall, it’s a nice little system.

There’s also Microsoft’s Office Live and their web apps which allow not only you, but others to view and even edit documents and other things. Now, seeing as I’m talking about M$ here, I can’t say if Apple has something similar, so all you Mac and iPhones do leave me a comment on what they have to offer. You can also go Google, which syncs just about everything, as long as you have a computer and a phone.

So how does this help the up and coming freelancer? It’s simple – for example, you sign up for a Microsoft email service (if you don’t have one already) and then download the new Windows Live Essentials (Live Sync) to the computers that you want to sync. Then try it – work on an assignment and make it able to sync up with both computers. Then go to a coffee shop and bring it up on your laptop.

It’s a pretty nice little thing if you’re on the road a lot and have files everywhere, in every folder.

Our next post is…I dunno. So I’ll take it to the masses tomorrow! What do you think? Questions? Concerns? Comments? Cupcakes? Cookies? Cash?


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